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dingo9 23rd Nov 2018 16:12

BRS stock crashing
What’s going on with Bristows share price!? Less than $5 per share. Is this the beginning of the end??

jimjim1 23rd Nov 2018 17:36

5 Years shown.
The picture is quite confusing - the chart zero is not at the bottom of the chart, I guess they allow space for the traded volume but I think it could be clearer. I have rather crudely indicated the y-axis (price) zero. Price in USD.


SirSokky 23rd Nov 2018 17:41

Black Friday?? 25% Off...... doesn’t bode well!?

LesPretend 23rd Nov 2018 19:45

It’s as well the NYSE is just about to close as the stock can’t take much more of a battering.

LesPretend 26th Nov 2018 18:40

Down another 10% so far today.

What is going on?

Mitchaa 26th Nov 2018 19:02

Has hit a low of $3.85 today but increased
slightly now to just under $4.

Last time we seen falls like this from a Helicopter operator we all know what happened.

LesPretend 14th Dec 2018 16:50

I keep an eye on the SP out of interest and over the last few weeks you can bet your last dollar (!!) that on a Friday the stock will go down.

Think it sunk about 10% last Friday and another 6% again today.

Sitting at $3.17.

Im no expert and interested to hear other views, but surely it can’t go on falling like that? Wouldn’t that SP now make it an attractive takeover prospect with or without Columbia?

RMK 14th Dec 2018 21:07

Having a look at BRS, this company should be taken private. Trying to discern some meaning or insight from the stock price (at this juncture) is futile. It trades on technicals not fundamentals; in brief, it’s become a “playtoy” for professional traders and without meaningful movement in EPS will remain so.

Industry professionals are absent here; there’s barely more than 1% insider holdings of the stock. The rest is institutions and hedge funds (mostly institutions) who will wash in/out of this stock via computer generated signals/trades.

Debt holders are the effective owners of a company; equity holders are just along for the ride.


Converted to a candlestick chart with 50day & 200day moving averages

LesPretend 17th Dec 2018 20:32

It’s in freefall again today, sitting at $2.74 nothing much left at this rate?

krypton_john 17th Dec 2018 21:40

Wow, market cap now down to $100M? The book value of aircraft and equipment is $2.5B, debt is under $2B and has been reduced over the last 6 months, main component of financial losses is H225 impairment so at least that's now been dealt with.

dingo9 18th Dec 2018 10:47

Is it possible for a company to deliberately de-value the stock? I see below that the upcoming acquisition of Columbia is part funded by shares as a quantity rather than value.
“The transaction will be funded through a combination of debt, convertible debt, newly issued common shares to the Lematta family and existing Columbia management and cash from Bristow’s balance sheet. Bristow has secured fully-committed debt and convertible debt financing for the transaction. The Lematta family and existing Columbia management, which is committed to leading the Columbia operating subsidiary, will roll over $77 million of their current ownership (including ownership in certain equity awards) into Bristow common stock, up to a maximum of approximately 7.1 million shares. Bristow remains focused on deleveraging and maintaining a strong liquidity position”

industry insider 18th Dec 2018 10:50

Maybe the flight attendant idea won't fix the problem then?

SASless 18th Dec 2018 13:28

Certainly the additional advertising of assets could lead to an uptick in revenue prospects.

LesPretend 20th Dec 2018 21:41

So about 80% of the value of the company wiped out in the space of a month or so, down another 9% today, the slide shows no sign of halting.

How long can that go on for?

SASless 20th Dec 2018 22:43

Till the Stock hits ZERO.

peterperfect 21st Dec 2018 11:22

Perhaps some pin-striped smart-arses will come in, buy it and sell the land to a supermarket chain.....

helicrazi 21st Dec 2018 17:19

Whats the reason for the drop?

etudiant 21st Dec 2018 17:54

RMK tagged it, the debt holders are in control. The implication is that some restructuring is in the works.
Old Wall Street adage; 'Never catch a falling knife'.

lowfat 27th Dec 2018 14:03

Its all alright Its up 10% big pats on the back all round.

Up from $1.94 to 2.18

I think we turned a corner there

Good old Jonathan Balif can can take his multi million golden handshake and regalie the Poor staff at Columbia on how He saved Bristows....

I think it might make a good movie with Tom Hanks playing our Hero

"Hero to Target Zero"

SASless 27th Dec 2018 14:43

I watched a Timber Products firm I worked for do this up and down stock dance....and considered investing in it when it was down...down...way...way down....and by waiting sometimes just a couple of days doubling my money or more even.

The risk is simple...it then becomes a wager just like Roulette where you put it all on the table....and if it absolutely goes into the toilet....you lose your stake completely.

The Stock Market is legalized gambling where you can use complex calculating algorithms to aid your betting.....but in the end....it is still just a gamble.

Do you feel lucky?

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