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Simplythebeast 27th Oct 2018 19:59

Helicopter down outside Leicester City Football Club
News coming in that the helicopter owned by the owner of Leicester City has crashed into the car park after taking off at the end of the match, No other details yet.

helicrazi 27th Oct 2018 20:00

Leicester City Chairman Heli Crash
The helicopter of Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has crashed outside the King Power Stadium following the Foxes' Premier League match against West Ham

The incident occurred in the club car park with eye witnesses saying police cars, ambulances and security were frantically rushing around the stadium.

Pictures immediately after the crash showed a huge fire outside the ground.

Leicester police said in a statement: "We are dealing with an incident in the vicinity of the King Power Stadium. Emergency services are aware and dealing

SWBKCB 27th Oct 2018 20:01

BT Sport where covering the match live, and they've just gone off air as the stadium is being evacuated

timmcat 27th Oct 2018 20:10


From the club's FB page.

nomorehelosforme 27th Oct 2018 20:50

BBC Report

renort 27th Oct 2018 20:52

Originally Posted by Mitchaa (Post 10294091)

Where does it mention any deaths reported?

Probability is high but not confirmed.

Anyone know the type and probable capacity?


Cabby 27th Oct 2018 21:06

Sky news video. Fire was put out after 20mins according to tv news.

nomorehelosforme 27th Oct 2018 21:06

BBC show a 109 G-LCFC

Sir Niall Dementia 27th Oct 2018 21:09

Originally Posted by nomorehelosforme (Post 10294118)
BBC show a 109 G-LCFC

Used to be. Been an AW169 for 2 years


KPax 27th Oct 2018 21:12

Watched the after football show it was a 169, ac departed then just outside the stadium was seen to spin to the ground according to eye witnesses, tail rotor problem already mentioned.

KNIEVEL77 27th Oct 2018 21:19

Sky news reporting the helicopter can hold 20 passengers.

Murty 27th Oct 2018 21:26

Originally Posted by KNIEVEL77 (Post 10294135)
Sky news reporting the helicopter can hold 20 passengers.

7-10 is the more likely capacity.

jeepys 27th Oct 2018 21:27

20 pax. It's not a 189

Sir Niall Dementia 27th Oct 2018 21:28

Originally Posted by KNIEVEL77 (Post 10294135)
Sky news reporting the helicopter can hold 20 passengers.

Also reporting "the engine stopped and it dropped like a stone" from an eyewitness on BBC. Usual load of media s**t and speculation. As LCFC Chairman is a nice bloke from memories of flying him some time ago, and a colleague of many of us was in the front seat, and as yet no-one knows their condition I do wish the media would just stick to facts rather than guesswork.


KNIEVEL77 27th Oct 2018 21:31

Having seen this helicopter take off many times from the King Power I believe it usually has two crew.

TheWrongTrousers 27th Oct 2018 21:38

And some of us are praying itís not those two friends...

anchorhold 27th Oct 2018 21:45

Of course the usual speculation from 'eye witness' such as tail rotor failing or engine failure. Of course this was a night departure with all the usual risks that helicopter crews face on such departures, plus in this case departing from a flood lit area, into the dark with twenty four 'pylons' (probably unlit) on top of the stadium structure.

KNIEVEL77 27th Oct 2018 21:53

Originally Posted by TheWrongTrousers (Post 10294150)
And some of us are praying itís not those two friends...

I have seen various different crew members fly the machine over the last few months however who ever it is, Iím sure our thoughts are with them.

er340790 27th Oct 2018 23:35


One witness said he saw Leicester's goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel run out towards the crashed helicopter.

gulliBell 27th Oct 2018 23:36

You can also hear on the radio in that recording somebody on-scene reporting "I can't get to the pilot, no"

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