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Squat switch 24th Sep 2018 16:47

DHFS Squirrels
I note that 3 of the ex- DHFS Squirrels have had their military registrations restored and are currently at Newquay.

Is MFTS-H that bad??
Or is something else afoot?

[email protected] 24th Sep 2018 17:23

Cobham Academy.


Least said about MFTS the better........

Squat switch 25th Sep 2018 14:58


MFTS - agreed

These appear to have been transferred/sold to MOD.
246, 248 and 252 although an anomaly is that 252 is also showing as being re-registered 246
They are all HT2 so NVG capable.

Perhaps going for route recce aircraft for the chinook/puma seeing as they lost their Gazelle when it was retired.

Demobbed - Out of Service British Military Aircraft

[email protected] 26th Sep 2018 15:23

Squat switch - no, operating under CFAOS rules with mil reg flown by (ex-mil) civvies

tqmatch 27th Sep 2018 09:40

I have it on very good authority (a source who is working at CHA) that these aircraft have been approved by the military to operate under CFAOS to provide 3rd party training for exactly the same sort of work which Cobham previously taught at Shawbury & Valley.

Rumour on the block is that they have already picked up some good contracts, infact I have seen some of the CHA bods sharing the press releases via Linkedin.

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