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CHARLIEOSCAR 24th Oct 2019 00:10

Originally Posted by minigundiplomat (Post 10601849)
Ah yes, he of 'meatgate' fame.

'Meatgate' :O

I did feel for them guys at the time.

P3 Bellows 24th Oct 2019 11:06

I believe that CHC Ireland did have an ex-Bristow NVGI about a year ago but in-house politics got in the way and he left. I think he rejoined Bristow.

Northernstar 24th Oct 2019 12:19

So to put it back on thread post crash March 2017 the lessons arenít being learned even before the AAIU report is published, however damning it may turn out to be.

finalchecksplease 24th Oct 2019 18:10

Originally Posted by 212man (Post 10601794)

He was CHC in between Bristow (where he started) but was continuously in Stornoway for years I think.

Not Stornoway but Sumburgh AFAIK

Northernstar 30th Oct 2019 18:17

If thereís a delay in training whatís the reason for it? Have they worked out that the provider is not all itís been cracked up to be? Or are there more technical issues? Maybe the rumoured imminent publishing of the AAIB report has something to do with it. Whoís taking the fall etc. Wonder how crews will react to it.

Franks Town 2nd Dec 2019 00:09

Sunday Times Irish addition reporting that fatigue , poor management safety culture ,chart errors and dysfunctional over sight by the Irish Aviation Authority all contributed to the crash . Article is in the front page with expanded coverage in page 21.

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