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Self loading bear 21st Nov 2016 18:24

Component failure is cause of Dutch Apache crash in Mali
Today in Dutch news;
The crash of the Dutch Apache in Mali March 2015 has been caused by failure of a flight control component. The 2 pilots were not to blame and could not have prevented the crash.
In mean time this component has been replaced on all Dutch Apaches.

In Dutch


Self loading bear 21st Nov 2016 18:41

Sorry for the sloppy link.
I cannot make it work.
Not that many Dutch Rotorheads anyway?

Also found out that this cause had already been intentified in May 2015.
Today was only the release of the final report.


LRP 21st Nov 2016 18:52

Do you know what component failed?

Self loading bear 21st Nov 2016 21:52

Originally Posted by LRP (Post 9585496)
Do you know what component failed?

No that has not been named.

Design fault in component of controlsystem.

The Dutch word "besturingssysteem" can be a physical system or a computer software system.

Although they consistently write about a replaced part. It has been hinted by outsiders that it could have been a software issue.

The quick way that the part in the aircraft in Mali have been updated before the other aircraft in The Netherlands might point in that direction.


LRP 22nd Nov 2016 00:17

Thanks for the info.

DirtDiver 24th Nov 2016 14:07

In Dutch:
Maatregelen Boeing
Defensie wacht naar aanleiding van de bevindingen van het onderzoek op definitieve maatregelen van Boeing, de fabrikant van de Apache. Het specifieke onderdeel is al uit alle Nederlandse Apaches verwijderd.

The Dutch Airforce is waiting for definitive answer from Boeing but the specific part is already removed from all Dutch Apaches.

Unfortunatly the "onderzoeksraad (Dutch: NTSB)" does not have an investigation open for this and not more information is known.

Self loading bear 24th Nov 2016 17:28


The text quoted by you is from May 2015.

But it supports the parts-components story and not a software issue. (Unless the Dutch text is translated from English)


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