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grumpytroll 5th Nov 2016 14:26

Check this flying!

cyclic35 5th Nov 2016 15:27

Auto-rotations are going to be interesting.

BDD 5th Nov 2016 15:44

My kid wants one. Great!!! :)

DaveReidUK 5th Nov 2016 15:58

I've already had my breakfast, so it's too late to believe any more impossible things today.

ATC Watcher 5th Nov 2016 16:34

Lots of discussions already whether this is a fake or not, as the take off and landing are hidden from view, and one cannot figure the controls.( maybe from the ground or pre programmed) The fuel seems to be in the backpack, anyway it this is real, it is quite an achievement technologically-wise from a guy that designed and built this on his own apparently. ...

[email protected] 5th Nov 2016 16:46

Want one!!

omnis 5th Nov 2016 16:58

If you think this sort of thing is faked, you are a little behind the times. This capability is a direct result of development in small civilian drone technology.

There is a lot more happening in this sort of flying machine, and it should be looked at within the context of a paradigm shift, similar to the computer revolution, and possibly the beginnings of human flight itself.

CRayner 5th Nov 2016 18:18

The guy flying it reckons it's real.Flyboard® air en - Zapata Racing

whoknows idont 5th Nov 2016 18:18

That seems both pretty dangerous and ten bucket loads of fun at the same time!

evansb 5th Nov 2016 18:39

"Nothing new under the sun" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aVI...hsonianChannel

clark y 5th Nov 2016 19:31

Pretty cool.
The controller is in his right hand. Probably wireless. Looks like 6 model turbines strapped to a big drone frame. Id like to know if it is actually strapped to his feet and is it stabilised like a Segway.
I can see a few Darwin nominations if this product is produced for the masses.

MightyGem 5th Nov 2016 19:38

Oh yes!!!!!

Canute 5th Nov 2016 19:48

He's the same guy who invented the water-jet pack driven by jetski.
Clever guy. Love to know if it is as easy as he makes it look or if he is just a balance prodigy.

Takan Inchovit 5th Nov 2016 20:19

Be great for pruning those high tree branches.

grumpytroll 5th Nov 2016 20:30

Interview with the inventor(second link)
The Incredible Flyboard Air

Yes, the jet-powered hoverboard is real, and yes, the creator has crashed it - The Verge >

onetrack 6th Nov 2016 00:19

It has 4 x 250HP turbo reactors for power - 1000HP, just to lift one person?? Seems like massive overkill to me, and the fuel consumption to produce that HP must be enormous. Doesn't look like an economic or viable product from any angle, to me.
However, I guess the U.S. military will be itching to immediately order 100,000 of them at $1M each, to ensure that they have enemy-jaw-dropping, cutting edge, troop-movement methods, ready to hand. :rolleyes:

soggyboxers 6th Nov 2016 01:19

Doesn't look like an economic or viable product from any angle, to me.
It does to me. It'll really appeal to the base jumping and wing suit crowd a lot of whom have a lot of money and are already really keen to get in on projects like Jetman

havick 6th Nov 2016 01:16

The wingsuit and BASE jumping, skydiving community isn't as big market as you would think. Plus most of them are broke DZ rats.

cyclic35 6th Nov 2016 07:21


Originally Posted by clark y (Post 9568353)
Id like to know. . . . is it stabilised like a Segway.

Me too Clark Y. It would seem to be a great idea.:ok:

Hydromet 6th Nov 2016 07:39

My kid wants one. Great!!!
I want one! The kids can get their own!

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