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tinyjohnston 10th Mar 2016 21:21

EASA R44 Bladder Compliance Date
Hi all

Bladders are due to be fitted on R44's in EASA land by 2nd April.

Have a set of tanks ordered but there appears to be a mad delay on them.

So my question is, is it possible to get an extension on the compliance of the AD for private use only for a few weeks until they arrive and are fitted?

If you think so how should I approached it? Contact the IAA or Easa?

Thanks for your thoughts


CAR42ZE 11th Mar 2016 01:33

Short answer is certainly NO. Flying it (even in the private category) is an offense.

I'm not too sure if you buy the bladders direct from Robinson themselves, or whether other manufacturers offer them - but either way a written statement from Robinson may well be needed for IAA/EASA to even act. And I'm somewhat surprised Robinson wouldn't already have done that if the market can't be managed.

Give IAA a call. Then depending on answer, follow it up and get whatever they say in writing.

You also have the usual grey area of the AMOC process that may be a way out... I think the fees would be somewhat significant.

From EASA themselves:

EASA does not approve AD compliance time extension requests for individual cases.
For an aircraft registered in an EASA Member State, the National Aviation Authority of the Member State can grant individual (temporary) exemptions on AD compliance time in the event of unforeseen urgent operational circumstances or operational needs of a limited duration, in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 216/2008, Article 14.4.
For any other aircraft, the State of Registry authority should be contacted.
An extension of the AD compliance time for an individual product without ‘compensating factors’ that would provide for an equivalent level of safety is not to be considered as Alternative Method of Compliance (AMOC) to an AD. See also AMOC FAQ.

FSXPilot 11th Mar 2016 17:46

To get an exemption until your new tanks arrive you would need to contact the IAA not EASA.

787-1 12th Mar 2016 08:18

There are so many R44's flying around without bladders. The owners don't realise that there is a 6 month backlog on these things.
They have to be ordered by serial, so it's not as simple as one would think.

Owners are going to have a nasty shock when they take their pride and joy in for a 50hr check!

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