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roundwego 9th Aug 2015 01:06

Is this an Elevated Helipad?
Or the new style hospital helipad for NHS Trusts which are short of money?


heli kiwi 9th Aug 2015 04:31

Or is the ambulance attached to bottom of the helicopter?

P6 Driver 9th Aug 2015 08:12

What's the story behind this?

ShyTorque 9th Aug 2015 08:48

Casualty department for those feeling airsick?

Richard Fiedorowicz 9th Aug 2015 09:18

Johnny English Reborn
I think it is from the film "Johnny English Reborn" Rowan Atkinson plays a Mr Bean / James Bond character and he carried a Russian to hospital. He lands on the top after getting lost having started by chopping down a row of trees.

EESDL 9th Aug 2015 09:32

it's only Elevated if the Thames is at low tide ;-)

SilsoeSid 9th Aug 2015 09:50

John Eacott 9th Aug 2015 09:58

That Twin Squirrel flies remarkably well with both engine SSLs off :p

roundwego 9th Aug 2015 20:34

Oh, you are a spoil sport John

Luther Sebastian 9th Aug 2015 21:16

It also flies very well with that large two-bladed rotor...(sigh)...

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