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chopper2004 6th May 2015 10:20

Heli Expo 2016 locale and concerns
It was a surprise for most of us hearing that next 2016 venue is in Louisville, and having read the article below is even more interesting

HeliHub International visitors lower priority for Heli-Expo 2016

Any thoughts?


Tango and Cash 6th May 2015 20:15

It will be an new experience for all involved. A break from the Orlando-Houston-DFW-Las Vegas-Anaheim rotation of late may not necessarily be a bad idea. But I am one of the lucky ones with a direct flight. The lack of international connections is somewhat interesting in an increasily international show.

pants on fire... 6th May 2015 22:57

Interestingly enough, I have never been to this city - by choice. I don't intend to change that by attending HAI next year, because like most people in North America, I also can't get a direct flight there.

Who picked this location and why, is beyond me. Is there a single good reason for ever going there?

grumpytroll 7th May 2015 02:13

The Louisville Slugger baseball bat factory is downtown. Fascinating tour and pretty nice museum. You can buy a personalized bat (your very own signature). Yes, there are some amazing and lovely hotels along the river that cater to the horse race crowd etc. Cincinnati, KCVG is close but no longer a powerhouse Delta hub. Indianapolis is not far if you want to drive in to the city. Fly in to Lexington, rent a car and drive through the beautiful and famous horse country. Visit Fort Knox. Its certainly not Vegas but I bet the price reflects that. It could work. Whats wrong with a short layover in Chicago, Denver, Phoenix, Dallas or Atlanta etc? Louisville from any of these stops is a short flight. I have to agree it is an unusual choice but again, the cost might have a lot to do with it. Try a new experience. See more of America than the trip from the megahub to your hotel. Having said all that, Phoenix would be a dandy place that time of year.

longbox 7th May 2015 07:39

Won't the weather be not too great at that time of year, maybe preventing aircraft getting onto the stand and any demos, we thought it was an odd decision when it was announced at this years event

heli1 7th May 2015 18:48

It's cheap!

Jarvy 9th May 2015 10:15

The weather can be a bit hit or miss. As to flights most Americas are used to changing flights. Easy from Europe via New York, Detroit or Chicago. But I won't be going anyway as it really only a trade fair.

rick1128 9th May 2015 15:01

While price may have been a factor, Venues large enough to accommodate HeliExpo are few and far between. Also getting away from the Plastic worlds of California and Florida is a welcomed change.

chopper2004 24th Jan 2016 21:45

Roll call
A month to go, so whose definitely going from here? :) I will be there for sure digs booked albeit a tad further away from the event central (not out of choice )

Btw does anyone know if anything new will be unveiled revealed by any of the OEMs?


Gordy 24th Jan 2016 21:52

I will be there.

Encyclo 24th Jan 2016 23:34

Hey, it's south from where I live :E

I'll be there :cool:

EN48 25th Jan 2016 00:31

Louisville in mid winter? What were they thinking? I cant get there from a major U.S. northeast city without considerable hassle so I wont be attending. (No direct flights, some connections with two changes, etc.)

helialan 25th Jan 2016 04:06

Bad weather and no direct flights.
This will be the fist HeliExpo I will miss for 12 years.
A location well severed by international flights is essential

Blackhawk9 25th Jan 2016 08:45

When I was at Heli Expo last year and saw it was Louisville, I looked at the weather at the time and it was snowing, that killed it for me on the spot, will wait till next year in Dallas, direct flt from Australia.

PANews 25th Jan 2016 11:15

I booked my flight and hotel weeks ago .... and maybe I will need the snow boots.....

diethelm 25th Jan 2016 17:19

Not going simply due to location.

Attendance numbers will be interesting with only 20 direct flights.

heli1 26th Jan 2016 22:26

Hearing from many that aren't going this year,especially from Europe and other long distance travellers. Louisville not an attractive venue ,safety concerns and of course the weather are putting people off. Even US visitors are likely to be down...no big operators in the area either and so far xhobitor numbers down too.
The story goes that HAI were offered the venue free of charge or at least heavily subsidised and new marketing personnel have adopted a hard line policy to maximise income. Perhaps they've been taking lessons from Helitech ! Time will tell and not long to go.

Gordy 27th Jan 2016 02:07

What are the "safety concerns"......?

heli1 27th Jan 2016 15:28

Gordy...you need to ask with the present state of the world?

Gordy 27th Jan 2016 17:46

Gordy...you need to ask with the present state of the world?
In general nope, but with reference to Louisville vs Orlando, or Anaheim, or Dallas etc then yes.

I had thought someone was concerned over the safety in the city of Louisville.

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