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Thridle Op Des 25th Jan 2015 12:13

Dink Smyth - Eket
Anyone pm me Dink's whereabouts? I have 48hr in IAH coming up, it would be great to see him.


stacey_s 26th Jan 2015 04:00

P.M Sent with possible contact.


CopterDoctor 28th Jan 2015 04:34

Only met him once -he was arguing with the cabin crew -they didn't like him bringing his kayak on board !!! -pre 9/11 obviously, but his after dark sporting activities were legendary

212man 28th Jan 2015 07:48

After dark? Before dark too....

Good Vibs 28th Jan 2015 19:20

crew bus stories
Too bad I didn't write down all those stories he told us on the crew bus.
They would have filled a best seller!
Best Wishes

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