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MCA 22nd Dec 2005 16:04

AS350B2 manual
Anybody out there know where I can get an AS350B2 manual? I would like to get an electronic copy if possible or failing that a hard copy… I have searched Google to death with no luck; any pointers would be greatly appreciated…

widgeon 22nd Dec 2005 21:12

I believe the manufacturer will gladly sell you one with a multi year revision service. If you are looking for one for free , you will probably get what you pay for. The complete set of manuals takes up a whole shelf so you will have to be more specific.

MCA 23rd Dec 2005 08:30

Widgeon, thanks for (albeit) sarcastic advice, but as I posted in a professional pilots forum (and as you have said free) you may have deduced that I am a pilot and therefore after a flight manual… I would just like a brush up before attending a job interview, I have looked on the Eurocopter web site and that has been handy (pdf brochure)… any other useful ideas out there?

md 600 driver 23rd Dec 2005 15:53

you could try the library down at gatwick caa they seem to have most things down there i belive its free also ive always just walked in

MCA 23rd Dec 2005 16:14

MD 600 driver, thanks for that suggestion it’s right on… I will have a look out that way... after the Christmas brake

:ok: :ok:

Steve76 23rd Dec 2005 21:27

I have one you can have MCA. Doesn't take up a shelf and has all the aftermarket accessories included. I will email it to you ASAP that I get a half decent internet connection.
Merry Christmas bro...

widgeon 24th Dec 2005 17:52

well the other manuals take up a lot of shelf space .

Are there any major differences between the TC , FAA and CAA versions of the fllight manuals ? ( i think the differences between TC and FAA may be mainly metric vs imperial )

Merry christmas to all .

corkdanx 1st Jan 2011 19:19

Flight manual requests
Hi everybody, i am looking for the bell 206b3 training manual and the allison 250 c20 training manual. it will help me a lot.

Heli-Jock 23rd Feb 2011 07:37

Gazelle POM
Hi Guys,
Any idea where i could get a copy of a pilots operating manual for a Gazzelle?

Your help would be appreciated.


PAPI-74 23rd Feb 2011 08:16

GazelleHelicopters.co.uk | For Sale
These guys must know if they sell them.

Aeromega Helicopters
Aeromaga have a few at Stapleford privately owned. They may know where to get one from.

md 600 driver 23rd Feb 2011 09:15

which gazelle there are a differerent books for each type of gazelle
the uk mil one you can get on ebay
i got mine for 341G from ecuk
i got mine for 342J from ecuk


Heli-Jock 23rd Feb 2011 17:51

Gazzelle POM
Its the 341G i need.
Thanx for replying.


eivissa 4th May 2011 08:01

Does anyone know who is runs this?

HeliManuals - Home

Making money out of copyrighted material isn't the best idea one can have. Just in case the owner is a Pprune user and reads this.

eivissa 4th May 2011 16:35


1) certainly not, looking at the fact that the revisions are all outdated. With official support and the requirement to pay I would expect the latest revision and no scans.

2) certainly a yes since you posted a name. I dont agree on these kind of projects and I was sure I made that quite clear. This is about helping pilots in need, not money earning. The user in question will read this and hopefully take appropriate action.

[email protected] 5th May 2011 03:06

My post was :mad: :) I didn't realise that it was against the rules to repeat publicly available information.

Register.com or any other domain registry will tell you who hosts a site. Anyhow - I'm sure Eurocopter and their legal friends will soon be sending some requests to HeliManuals.info and it won't be to fill their cart.

Heliport 6th May 2011 00:11

I'm sure Eurocopter and their legal friends will soon be sending some requests to HeliManuals.info and it won't be to fill their cart.
Perhaps it hasn't occurred to you that if several manufacturers and their legal friends looked at this thread we could be receiving requests and they won't be to say how pleased they are to see that we have very useful links to free material for which they charge.

[email protected] 6th May 2011 02:25

Actually knowing the manufacturers reasonably well and from first hand experience - I can say yes it did.

In my opinion (and of course it is only in my opinion) the manufacturers should be much more reasonable in sharing some publications such as the RFM or other pertinent publications which would aid in the safe operation of their product. No different to any other manufacturer or product who presently provides such information for free. The original intent of this thread was to provide a resource to fellow pilots in their quest for knowledge.

As far as the moderators go, they did their job and I respect that but my comment was more tongue-in-cheek than anything else.

Abri_Beluga 29th May 2011 07:22

UH1 Manual

I'll answer my own question. Found it at the Vietnam virtual archive : The Vietnam Center and Archive: Virtual Vietnam Archive


Hey guys,

I'm looking for the POH for the Huey. It should be in the public domain with the code TM-55-1520-210 but for the life of me I can't seem to find it..

Thanks a million!

loaysa 9th Jun 2011 16:31

I´ve got h269c-1 and EC 135T2+ available. PM if u wish

helicopter 10th Jul 2011 23:04

Now we have Robinson manuals on their official website (MM and IPC in pdf-format).

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