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g-mady 2nd May 2011 10:03

iPad only apps
Can anyone recommend any apps for the Ipad that are really helpful for flying.

I have seen memory map which is incredible, and whilst not a replacement for a paper chart it could well be for a dash mount GPS.

And Aeroweather looks quite good with the Ipad edition for those poor weather days!


Tim S. 2nd May 2011 10:51

Air Navigation Pro

malabo 2nd May 2011 11:06

Air Nav Pro
X-plane (just for landing the Space Shuttle)

g-mady 2nd May 2011 14:42

Air nav looks very good - starting to think its a good job I haven't splashed out on a Garmin... The Ipad should be just as good!


birrddog 2nd May 2011 15:27

LogTen Pro

Have not tried the Jepp App though it is being hailed as an FAA approved replacement for paper charts in the f/w world.

212man 2nd May 2011 16:11

The Jepp app is great - it's the way ahead for us!

Aucky 2nd May 2011 17:50

tarting to think its a good job I haven't splashed out on a Garmin
..... I Concur . I recently flew to the Alps and back, first time deeper into France than L2K. The situational awareness that the iPad provides is far superior to the other nav aids I had in the heli (Skymap IIIc, Garmin 695, Garming 430), the only one I used was the iPad.

Air Nav Pro - excellent, especially if you buy the local charts within the app and take the time to load in the airport plates (very easy in france thanks to the SIA Civile publishing them freely in a useful format).

Memory map - useful moving map backup, quicker and arguably more robust than Air nav pro as it's not really computing anything, but very limited in application other than confirming where you are (no useful direct to command, or leg planning), also the map only shows north UP which I find a little irritating

NOTAMs HD - quick and useful, shows notams on a map too :ok:


Stuck_in_an_ATR 2nd May 2011 18:23

I have used Airnav Pro and don't like it - there's a lot of room for improvement in terms of user-friendliness and speed. It's damn slow, at least on iPad 1.

Foreflight is better, but it only has charts for the US. I'd love to see a european version. My only caveat is map-scaling. On a paper chart the scale is obviously fixed and you can tell in a glance how far you are from eg. a city, airport etc. On the Ipad you can zoom the map in an out as you like, but there's no reference scale and you can't tell how many miles/klicks one 1nch on the screen represents. Minor thing, but IMHO it renders the VFR charts useless for pilotage/dead reckoning. But a good app after all, if not a bit too expensive.

Logten Pro is a good logbook, but again: I need two separate logs (one for planks, another for helis and actually a third one for gliders) - this can't be done on the iPad version (the PC version supports multiple logs). Also, printing your flights doesn't work too well. But again, not a bad app.

Another one I use is iBal - a special app designed for helicopter W&B calculations. No squawks here, it's worth the 7 it cost.

Have used also some other apps but they weren't too good. Generally there's quite lot of aviation-related stuff in the App Store, but most is worthless...



(Sent from iPad:))

P.S. Try Good Reader. Not exactly an aviation app, but it's great for downloading/storing/reading pdf files. I have all my manuals there and love it. Also used it for displaying approach charts and it worked well...

Aucky 2nd May 2011 19:04

I have used Airnav Pro and don't like it - there's a lot of room for improvement in terms of user-friendliness and speed. It's damn slow, at least on iPad 1.
I agree it can be slow on start, and if you try to scale/scroll the map whilst flying (typically taking 2-3 seconds with my setup, but depends on how much database info you are asking it to overlay), but i still found i don't do this a great deal in flight and that it's very usable, thats why memory map is a good backup as it's less useful but faster as a simple moving map. I too am using the iPad1 and i think on the new iPad 2 it would be less irritating. Still a useful app IMO

iBooks (native apple program) is also good for manuals, plates, lasors, ops manuals etc... and it gives you the advantage of being able to view/arrange your docs in iTunes as well as on the iPad, which you may or may not like...

HeliChopter 3rd May 2011 12:47

Don't forget PilotWizz Pro. It can live on either your iPhone or iPad. Probably more use on the iPhone. Great for getting TAFs and METARs on the run and a very nifty W&B calculation app. With the ability to store data on all your regularly used aircraft it means you can do W&B with one hand and have the fuel nozzle in the other!

Also use Air Nav, Memory Map and Logten Pro on a regular basis although once again I find Logten most useful on the iPhone.

Tailboom 6th May 2011 08:57

Air Nav Pro
Downloaded Air Nav Pro on my i phone 4 today, fantastic, what I liked is that you can place the i phone on your chart (mine has a incase cover which stops it moving around) and follow your track line whilst using the app to verify your Track, Altitude, Ground Speed etc.

I havn't downloaded the 1.5 charts yet as the free Open Street Map is brilliant with the Airspace showing layered over it, not quite as quick as the Garmin Skymap but if your going somewhere and you use a chart with your track plotted on it together with a Skymap and then your i phone with this app loaded it would almost be imposible to get lost. It is most probably great on an i pad, but would be to big to place the i pad on your chart.

Only problem is that it chews your battery so take your power lead !

Capt Hollywood 6th May 2011 09:04

If you're in Australia the OzRunways app is great.

g-mady 6th May 2011 11:38

All we need now are step down transformers, 12v sockets and Iphone/Ipad chargers in the aircraft....

If I start up memory map on the iphone 3GS it would probably kill the battery in an hour! :eek:


tcvennen 7th May 2011 22:30

Myradar is great in the U.S. I love you can look at the radar for your entire flight.
FltPlan, you can save all of your info, for multiple aircraft.
AOPA airports
I use ibooks for plates, manuals, reference books

VEMD 8th May 2011 05:01

I use it every day in iPad 2, even for off shore distance vessel calculations, I'm very happy,with it, as well Jeppesen TC program, :ok:

g-mady 8th May 2011 11:26

No use to aviation (except for hotel stops) but the new planetary app looks very good!
Brilliant use of the Ipad,

Another handy one is invoices to go... if you need that sort of thing


sinewave 16th May 2011 16:50

I once saw someone use an app that had the 3 letter airport codes, 4 letter ICAO codes, runway lengths, etc. Great for commercial airline work i.e. checking out what airport to divert to during an inflight emergency. What is the name of that app?

Outwest 17th May 2011 02:13

Has anyone found a Nav log app? Something to create bearing /distance/time/payload/fuel, etc and be able to use it in flight for Start/up/down/shutdown/payload, etc tracking?

Joebootx 18th May 2011 16:55

Ipad II
Our flight department is going to the Ipad II. Anybody out there using one for their helicopter have any opinions or insight? Thanks!

OvertHawk 18th May 2011 18:00

Jeppview is great on the iPad II!

Enjoy - it's a great piece of kit.

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