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Heli20 14th Nov 2010 20:34

Meet you around helicopters ?

I plan to walk across the United States in one or two years. I am 17 years old and am not yet a pilot. I would like to take this situation where I have nothing to lose to live my adventure.

My aim during the crossing of this country is to meet as many people as possible in the helicopter industry. (And why not work a few days for a short flight)

Bartlett 15th Nov 2010 06:40

The united states is a ridiculous thing to try and walk across. Start with Luxembourg or Andorra or something. They have helicopters there too.

I can almost positively assure you, that a 19 year old European boy attempting to WALK across the USA will only end in tears... Sorry. I'm just being brutally honest.

flyingflea 15th Nov 2010 10:05

but if he's 19 he will have already done it, so no problem!

vaibronco 15th Nov 2010 10:26

Just Do It
I cycled from London to Milan without any kind of preparation and training, just avoiding major dangers and avoiding the alps.
Get in touch first with those who already have done this.
USA Coast to Coast Walk
Use your brain but don't give it up.
Hope you will open a blog.
Go for it.

Heli20 15th Nov 2010 17:52

Thank you for your answers.

In fact, I want to take this trip to locate a training site. And of course seeing helicopters I've ever seen. My dream is to approach a Skycrane...

vaibronco 15th Nov 2010 21:25

Not sure they still operate in Italy

European Air-Crane

Arnie Madsen 18th Nov 2010 20:39

Air-Crane firefighting in Athens Greece 2009

Firefighting in the city Helicopter Pilot, will travel

edit .... Heli20 If you like helicopter flying stories there are lots on the above link. Great writer and pilot. I did not find one story that was not interesting.. Enjoy.


grumpytroll 19th Nov 2010 02:23

Ericcson Sky Crane has had an aircraft at the EAA airshow for the past two years. Any aviator would love to attend this event at least once in their life time. EAA.com. It is truly an amazing show. Very friendly and safe. Visitors from all over the world come to the week long event. See you there. Cheers

Gordy 19th Nov 2010 03:42

edit .... Heli20 If you like helicopter flying stories there are lots on the above link.
This one is more of a "photo blog" rather than great writing---and I work with the cranes frequently:

The adventure of "LaFawnduh"---a firefighting helicopter and her crew.

rotorfan 19th Nov 2010 04:29

Actually, it's eaa.org. It is indeed well worth going to AirVenture. Always interesting to walk around and hear countless languages being spoken. The love for aviation is worldwide.

The rotorcraft there tend to be light (Enstrom, R44/R22, Rotorway, AS350) or heavy (Chinook, Skycrane). You can usually get right up to most aircraft. It was interesting last summer to see the Osprey up close and talk to her pilots.

Bicontatto 19th Nov 2010 06:33

Certainly saw one on firefighting operations in Italy 2 or 3 years ago.

Recent foto Sikorsky S-64F Skycrane - I-CFAJ (Italy - Corpo Forestale dello Stato) by Gilles PACCALET | Pictaero

Heli20 19th Nov 2010 11:44

Hey thanks all !

The links are really interesting. I already know the blog of Keith G. Gordy your site is fantastic! I have not had time to look at all the pages, but I recognize some photos, thanks to the garden gnome :ok:

For EAA, personally I prefer to see the machines in their natural contexts :)

John R81 19th Nov 2010 17:00

Out of interest, where in "Europa" are you now?

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