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bolkow 19th Aug 2010 13:30

CH53 sea stallion
I am looking for information regarding fuel burn rates on the above helicopter. I am able to get all sorts of figures relating to just about anything except what its average fuel consumption rates per hour is. Its a three engined beastie, so I imagine it uses more than the twins of that ilk, but any details would be greatly appreciated.

Jack Carson 19th Aug 2010 14:04

Big E fuel Burn
The following worked for me;
15 gal/min at 137% Torque
10 gal/min at 70% Torque
The flight manual has very specific charts covering climb, cruise and mine sweeping tow profiles (MH-53E).

bolkow 20th Aug 2010 09:52

thanks for that Jack, and I assume its us gals

Pink Panther 20th Aug 2010 10:15

My, that's thirsty.:}

Jack Carson 20th Aug 2010 18:51

Yes, it is US Gallons and it is not quite as thristy as the Skycrane. The Crane burns between 12 and 16 gal/min on just two engines.

bolkow 21st Aug 2010 01:31

I remember talking to german guys some two years ago at weston super mare where they had flown in in a German Army CH53 (unsure what designation) but it was a twin (two engine) and they told me their fuel burn was 1000 litres an hour with a total fuel capacity of 7000 litres. Whilst I suspected the three engine sea stallion would eb more, I am surprised by just how much more it burns by comparison.

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