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Phil77 12th Mar 2009 14:00

Helicopter crash off the coast of Newfoundland - 18 aboard, March 2009
CNN just broke the news: Helicopter down near Newfoundland, 18 aboard, life rafts sighted, nothing further yet.

rotorhead350 12th Mar 2009 14:19

Hoping for the best. I know a few guys with Cougar when i was working with VIH.


rotorhead350 12th Mar 2009 14:24

Offshore helicopter, carrying 18, ditches in Atlantic Ocean

Sikorskyfan 12th Mar 2009 14:27

It is apparently their S-92.

ST. JOHNS, N.L. A Cougar helicopter with 18 people onboard has gone down in the Atlantic Ocean about 90 nautical miles southeast of St. Johns.

A Provincial Airlines plane circling overhead reports seeing a liferaft and two people in the water. The helicopter cannot be seen, nor can they see if anyone is in the liferaft.

Four helicopters and two vessels are just about on the scene. The coast guard vessel Cape Roger is 90 minutes away and a supply ship will be on scene at 11:30 a.m. Newfoundland time.

The mayday came in at 9:18 a.m.

Copyright (c) St. John's Telegram

wde 12th Mar 2009 14:37

Update: Two rescued in helicopter crash in ocean
The Telegram

Two survivors have been rescued from a Cougar helicopter offshore shuttle that has gone down about 47 nautical miles southeast of St. Johns. The two are being transported to hospital in St. Johns at this time.
The downed helicopter had 18 people onboard transporting workers to and from the Hibernia platform. The mayday came in at 9:18 a.m.
A Provincial Airlines plane circling overhead reported seeing a liferaft and two people in the water. The downed helicopter cannot be seen, nor can they see if anyone is in the liferaft.
A Hercules aircraft and four Cormorant rescue helicopters are on their way to the scene. The Coast Guard vessel Cape Roger and a supply ship are nearing the scene as well.
A gale force warning is in effect for the area with winds south at 20 knots increasing to 35 early this afternoon. Seas are said to be two-to-three metres and the visibility is 10 nautical miles.
Police officers have arrived at Cougar Helicopters base at St. Johns International Airport to keep members of the media at bay.

The Telegram - St. John?s, NL: Local News | Update: Two rescued in helicopter crash in ocean

wde 12th Mar 2009 14:45

Medevac helicopter landed 14 minutes ago at the St John's Health Sciences centre with a single ambulatory patient. No other persons observed.

Cougar has called a news conference for 45 minutes from now, 1300 Nfld Time (GST - 2 1/2)

Here is a local radio station that will be carrying the conference live:

VOCM Hot Link

Also, apparently there has been Coast Guard confirmation of a sole survivor.


newfieboy 12th Mar 2009 14:50

Hoping for the best, local news is saying its flight 991 gone down aprox 80km offshore ,was outbound but apparently turned back for some reason. Another cougar 92 just inbound landed at Health Science Centre with 2 souls on board. Thats all we are getting right now.Good Luck boys.

SASless 12th Mar 2009 15:14

From the VCOM link....

Cougar has called a news conference for 1pm at the Comfort Inn to discuss what is being called the "controlled ditching" of a helicopter offshore. VOCM News will be there to provide further details as they become available.
From a Yahoo news article:

The S-92 Sikorsky helicopter, operated by Cougar Helicopters of St. John's, went down 55 miles southeast of the provincial capital of St. John's. Police were blocking the road to the Cougar office.

The first call for help was placed to air traffic control in Gander.

"Mechanical problems were reported but we don't know the nature," Transportation Safety Board of Canada spokeswoman Julie Leroux said. Leroux said the pilot reportedly ditched the chopper 30 miles out to sea.

A Hercules aircraft and four Cormorant rescue helicopters are on their way to the site, and a coast guard ship and a supply ship are about an hour away.
Lets pray all are found safe and well.

paco 12th Mar 2009 15:14

As an ex-Cougar guy myself, my thoughts are with you.


green granite 12th Mar 2009 15:24

Helicopter crash off Canada coast
from the Beeb.

A helicopter has ditched in Atlantic waters off Canada's easternmost province of Newfoundland, reports say.

A local rescue co-ordinator told news agencies that 18 people were on board at the time of the incident.

He said two people had been spotted in the water, along with a life raft - but there was no sign of the helicopter.

A search-and-rescue operation is under way. Military and rescue helicopters are heading to the scene, along with a coast guard ship and merchant ship.

The helicopter was said to have been ferrying workers to the Hibernia offshore oil platform.

It reportedly ditched 47 nautical miles (54 miles; 87km) south-east of St John's, capital of Newfoundland.

Gerry Grychowski of the Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Halifax said said winds were fairly strong in the area, with 1.8m-2.7m (6-9ft) waves.

Dave Bowen, also of the centre, said a mayday call had been issued just before 0800 EST (1300 GMT).

Aser 12th Mar 2009 16:01

Terrible news... :(
but hopping for the best... (that they didnt found yet the other liferaft with everybody onboard)


vanHorck 12th Mar 2009 16:24

according to Canadian news seas are 2-3 metres, gusty wind but good visibility. The people on board will have been wearing immersion suits

Phil77 12th Mar 2009 16:43

Just checked the NOAA buoy data:
NDBC - Station 44251

Conditions at Station 44251 - Nickerson Bank as of
1600 GMT on 03/12/2009:

Wind Direction (WDIR): S ( 180 deg true )
Wind Speed (WSPD): 29.1 kts
Wind Gust (GST): 35.0 kts
Wave Height (WVHT): 7.9 ft
Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 7 sec
Atmospheric Pressure (PRES): 29.72 in
Pressure Tendency (PTDY): -0.20 in ( Falling Rapidly )
Air Temperature (ATMP): 36.0 F
Water Temperature (WTMP): 32.4 F
Wind Chill (CHILL): 22.3 F

Keeping my fingers crossed!

SASless 12th Mar 2009 16:48

CTV.ca | 17 still missing after helicopter crash off N.L.

Two rafts seen, aircraft seen floating upside down but has sunk, some debris seen on the water. One survivor pulled from the water, transported ashore.

PT6T3DF 12th Mar 2009 16:49

see link
17 oil workers missing off N.L. coast

YHZChick 12th Mar 2009 16:59

Halifax Harbour is a significant distance from where she went down.
This is the closest bouy I can find, however I suspect there are others which are closer.

Station 44251 - Nickerson Bank

Wind Direction (WDIR):S ( 180 deg true )http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/images/graph04.gifWind Speed (WSPD):29.1 ktshttp://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/images/graph04.gifWind Gust (GST):35.0 ktshttp://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/images/graph04.gifWave Height (WVHT):7.9 fthttp://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/images/graph04.gifDominant Wave Period (DPD):7 sechttp://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/images/graph04.gifAtmospheric Pressure (PRES):29.72 inhttp://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/images/graph04.gifPressure Tendency (PTDY):-0.20 in ( Falling Rapidly )http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/images/graph04.gifAir Temperature (ATMP):36.0 Fhttp://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/images/graph04.gifWater Temperature (WTMP):32.4 Fhttp://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/images/graph04.gifWind Chill (CHILL):22.3 F

YHZChick 12th Mar 2009 17:03

Not Looking Good.
Speaking with a friend at DFO, the CCG is reporting a "large debris field".

newfieboy 12th Mar 2009 17:46

Latest press conference reporting life rafts recovered empty, 1 survivor, 1 confirmed deceased. 16 still missing.Next press conference at 1930 local time.

YHZChick 12th Mar 2009 18:02

From a friend with JRCC connections:
"Details are not reliable but there are reports that a Mayday was broadcast for hydraulic failure and the aircraft was entering autorotative flight. "
Debris field is about 6km.

gwillie 12th Mar 2009 18:31

Periodic live CBC Newsworld coverage and ongoing live discussion here.

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