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longtime lurker 25th Apr 2010 13:05

From Flight Manual (Issue 2)

Tail rotor failure

It could consist either in a tail rotor transmission failure, or in a tail rotor loss.
This failure can be detected by sudden yaw acceleration - nose to the left - and/or totally ineffective pedals.

: Nose to the right : probable engine failure
Nose to the left : probable tail rotor failure

Hovering IGE :
2. Reduce throttle in order to reduce left yaw rate,
3. Cushion contact with the ground by applying collective pitch up to high stop if necessary.

Other flight cases :
1. Switch governor OFF,
2. Adjust power to maintain 70 to 80 kt IAS,
3. Reach an appropriate surface for an autorotation running landing,
4. Carry out a full autorotation landing. Reduce airspeed as late as you can. Land with as much airspeed as the surface permits. Use small power inputs to correct yaw.

Yaw control failure
Hovering IGE :
2. Lower the collective slowly enough to land smoothly, while rolling-off throttle to reduce yawing nose to the right.

Other flight cases :
2. Adjust IAS to 70 - 80 kt IAS,
3. Adjust power to minimize sideslip and keep nose to the right,
4. Reach an appropriate surface for a running landing.
Carry out a cautious landing. Reduce airspeed as late as you can. Land with as much airspeed as the surface permits. Use small power inputs to correct yaw.
Note : Prefer wind from the right.

waragee 25th Apr 2010 13:16

longtime lurker, are those instructions from the Cabri PFM or training notes from elsewhere, thanks

CentralS 12th Jun 2010 16:20

Aero Friedrichshafen
Bruno Guimbal on LoopTV :

helisdw 8th Sep 2010 17:46

Northern Helicopters in Jonkoping (Sweden) now appear to have a Cabri G2 on site that's priced around 200-245/hr depending on how many hours you fly.

This published price seems pretty comparable to the R22 or S300 in the UK - of course travel and accommodation needs factored in.

Given the increased acquisition cost of such a new machine, I can only imagine that the running costs make it financially competitive. Or perhaps it is an introductory offer - either way, it makes for an interesting hour building option...


NB I have no connection to this flight training school or the Cabri G2 - my observations are only based on information from the website.

Flying Pencil 8th Sep 2010 18:15

Just a note of caution. That rate is for a 100hr time building package, Do NOT be tempted to pay for this up front to get a deal!!

helisdw 8th Sep 2010 22:33

Flying Pencil - thanks for highlighting the hour building factor. Quite agree about paying up front for large chunks of time (unless you can guarantee to fly the hours rapidly...).

From what I saw on the website, it was around 200 if block purchasing 70hr and 245 if paying hourly (and taking into account exchange rate from SEK to GBP).

As I wrote before, I have got no link to this company but thought it was interesting to see the approximate costs being charged for a brand new type of helicopter. Given some of the earlier discussions in the thread about operating costs, it would appear that they are similar to the established training machines (R22/S300).

Of course, the company may be running it at a loss (or maybe just at cost) which would thus nullify my assumptions! Never-the-less, there is at least a vague indication of what one might have to pay to fly the G2.


Edited for clarification

tony 1969 9th Sep 2010 17:34

Be very careful in your dealings with Northern Helicopters. DO NOT PAY UPFRONT.
Search Mikael Randhem (he is the owner) on Pprune and then see how you feel about going there.
P.S. there is no way they would run the machine at a loss

Infran 9th Sep 2010 21:48

cabri.se has the flight manual in pdf form
its going to be interestin this winter with a minimum operating temperature of -5 degrees celsius.

CentralS 11th Sep 2010 14:22

its going to be interestin this winter with a minimum operating temperature of -5 degrees celsius.
Their FM is not up to date. The Cabri is fully certified at -20C.
Complete testing has been ran, including cold start after one night outside by -20C without protection. No external help has been provided (no heating, no additionnal "warm" battery, etc.) and the engine and all the avionics have started perfectly.

Don't worry, the Cabri is not afraid of the cold.:cool:


wmy 12th Sep 2010 19:02

So, i wonder, how one would deal with snowfall during a flight after reading in the G2's FM "Flight under snow is prohibited".
This would make the G2 unusable for winter flying.... ???


Infran 9th Oct 2010 10:55

Seccond Cabri has arrived.


The cabris makes our other helicopters look a bit dated :)


AnFI 9th Oct 2010 12:47

Flight Manual Ambiguity?
Hi LongTime Lurker

The FM extract if acurate may have a hidden danger ...

It looks like the word 'power' is maybe used meaning two different things - not sure.

There are three terms used collective lever, throttle, power.

Normally when we say power we mean with the collective lever - but it can be power with throttle in the context of T/R failures.

The danger, for response to T/R failure, is if power is reduced with throttle (reflex of 60% of pilots) whilst too high, the RRPM will probably be insufficient to enable a gentle landing..... you get something like 'the Brazillian' video.....

22clipper 10th Oct 2010 01:37

Variety is the spice of life. I've had a go at the other 2 machines in that pic, would dearly love to get some stick time on Bruno's creation. Wonder how long before we get one down under in Oz?
PS: That's an interesting hangar type U got there, what's the story on that Infran?

CentralS 10th Oct 2010 15:55

Cabri in OZ

Wonder how long before we get one down under in Oz?
Hello 22clipper,
if you live in Sydney, this is the place to go : http://toyoko159.free.fr/HTT.kmz
I don't know exactly when the first one will be delivered but it might be at the end of the year.
Mark will tell you more : Welcome to HTT

Matari 11th Oct 2010 00:50

S: That's an interesting hangar type U got there, what's the story on that
That looks like one of those clever Norwegian "Rubb Halls" that one sees dotting the landscape up yonder.

They come in all sizes, are incredibly strong, easy to install, and Norwegian weatherproof.

Rubb A/S - Norway-based Rubbhall, plasthall, fabric buildings

22clipper 11th Oct 2010 07:38

Why wasn't I told?
I've shared the cramped confines of an R22 with Mr. Donohoe on several occasions CentralS. How remiss of me not realise that an acquaintance in my own backyard has his eyes on one? How good is this? I can chuck the 'learn French' language tapes & save the airfare to Europe now!

CentralS 23rd Jan 2011 00:27

Hi 22clipper,

you may by now book some hours if you want to be the very first one flying Cabri in OZ.
Two of them are navigating from your antipode to our antipode.

Here is one of them, with her Ferrari-like pearly-yellow paint :


22clipper 23rd Jan 2011 01:19

I'm drooling here squire. Sent an email with a booking request for me & a mate last month. They were due in January as separate deliveries apparently but then Mark got the bright idea he could fit 2 in a container & save a buck.
Do you think it would be undignified for an old person to sleep out at his front door like the youngsters do when the want to be first in line for an Ipad or Xbox?

CentralS 26th Jan 2011 16:46

The Cabri is by now available with an EASA certified float system. An immersion detection system triggers the deployment in case...
All the details here : Hlicoptres Guimbal



helihub 26th Jan 2011 17:23


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