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BRASSEMUP 8th Nov 2007 15:08


africacorps 8th Nov 2007 16:16

G-BFER is on its way to Rehill then FBH,finished in Mauritania,left Las Palmas 0700gmt Wednesday 7th Nov. Understand a FBH 212 will replace written off 212 in Belize.

bellboy 10th Nov 2007 20:54

G-OIBU en route to Mauritania+
G-OIBU in Montpellier en route Nouakchott
Tiger in Scatsta

mazakari 11th Nov 2007 01:44



paddyboy 11th Nov 2007 09:46

When did you visit NWI?

mazakari 11th Nov 2007 16:09

It's an old picture. Clearing out some old CD's and found one with a few pictures on it, including this one I took of JSAR. It was passing through NWI for fuel. :ok:


Mikila1A 11th Nov 2007 21:27

See a picture from Scatca here a a big grin came to my face....

During S92 Sim training I had the pleasure of meeting;

A Frenchman whom had a love for "napping",

and, A Belgium that had a very scary laugh,

are they still in the Shetalnds?

Great guys, great fun!:D

shetlander 12th Nov 2007 21:02

The Frenchman with a "love for napping", is still flying out of EGPM - Scatsta.

Not to sure about the "Belgium with a very scary laugh" :E

Jonathan :cool:

Tail-take-off 14th Nov 2007 21:56

Thanks to Quantum334 for this picture:

Pat Gerard 15th Nov 2007 20:59

EH 101 photos
What kind of photos ? From Italy or Aberdeen ?

Pat Gerard 15th Nov 2007 21:17

The "Mad laughters" Belgian and the "napping " Frenchman are still in Scatsta ( Shetlands ). Who are you ? Where you in the classroom, the sim, the bar, the beach, the restaurants ? Anyway, how are you doing ? Still flying in your iceberg country ? :zzz::zzz::zzz:

Mikila1A 16th Nov 2007 17:30

Holy crap....your awake:O

mmmm...the beach....boy I long for those days. Giving the RIPS a real good workout here already this year. Bloody [email protected]#$%!:ugh:

Stay safe, say hello to the misses for us, and also the crazy Belgian!



Rosh 19th Nov 2007 09:24

Kenya 2006/7
Some pics from last year, taken while operating out of Mombasa, Kenya.
Nov 2006 - Feb 2007

G-TIGB, Having been freighted to Nairobi, ready to be ferried to Mombasa.

En Route. Nairobi - Mombasa.

En Route. Nairobi - Mombasa. Tsavo East National Park.

G-BMCX at Mombasa

On the Chikyu

Returning to Mombasa

G-TIGB returning to Mombasa.

Nyali Beach Hotel. Home for a couple of months. It was tough!!!!

Fareastdriver 19th Nov 2007 17:13

Old CX must have been the last one in the original Bristow colours having been out on a limb in China. I last flew her on the 8th Feb 2005. Three days later I turned sixty five and I wasn't allowed to fly her any more. I've had to fly Aussie and Chinese 332s ever since.

David Eyre 19th Nov 2007 23:08

G-TIGB is now with Bristow in Australia as VH-BWJ.
G-BMCX was flown to Luqa, Malta on 29 Aug 2007 (still in the old colours) and repainted by MedAvia into the new colours. It departed Malta on 14 Sep 2007, and flew to Antwerp (Belgium) and Den Helder (Netherlands) on 15 Sep 2007.
G-BMCX was then photographed at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia on a ferry flight (probably to Perth, WA) on 16 October 2007:
G-BMCX in Malta (old & new colours):
G-BMCX in Belgium (new colours):
G-BMCX in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia on 16 Oct 2007(photo by Andrew Whitton):

MamaPut 20th Nov 2007 17:33

Holland Invaded by Belgium

What's happened, has there been an invasion? Last time I was there, Den Helder was in the Netherlands :}

Rosh 22nd Nov 2007 16:23

Libya 2007
Some pics taken while operating G-BMCX out of Misurata Air Base, Libya.
March 2007 - June 2007



Offshore Passengers arrive from Tripoli by Fixed-Wing.


Setting off


Misurata Air Base


Coasting out over the Med.


Libyan Coastline


En route Misurata to Tripoli. Leptis Magna, Roman Ruins


About to set off.

Left to right: Kieran Murray Jnr. (aka 'The Ginger Ninja'), and myself.

G-BMCX having a wash.
Left to Right: Mike wood, John Spencer, Donal "Lil' Dude" Carey, and 2 Local staff. (Abdul and ?)


Standing back and admiring the handywork....a phrase came to mind. - "You can't polish a terd."
As David Erye says in a previous post, she's had a well earned respray.


206Fan 22nd Nov 2007 18:04

Rosh, cheers for sharing them puma shots, love seeing pics of it.. Have you any videos of the puma??

Inverted81 22nd Nov 2007 18:21

Thanks all for these fantastic shots.....

I never realised bristows operations were so far reaching!!

As for a napping frenchman..... ah ha thats you! trying to get you transferred to brent radar...... sometimes takes a while... now i know why ;) Honestly tho, you guys do a fantastic job up there, keep up the great work! (when are you getting your next 2 new S92 toys?)


Tail-take-off 23rd Nov 2007 11:46

Kieran Murray Jnr???

He was a spotty schoolboy when I used to fly with his Dad in Sumburgh!

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