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UnDies 17th Dec 2006 11:39

Iraq Employment
Anyone know of the companies I could contact for contract work (helicopter) in Iraq? I did hear of 1 but that was sometime back - requirements?

Bolk 17th Dec 2006 13:49

Helicrew solutions http://www.helicrew.co.uk/ were advertising although that was some time back. No Iraq vacancies on their site at present but it may be worth a phone call.

Good luck.

Bravo73 17th Dec 2006 14:28


Here's a couple on behalf of Blackwater:

MD 530F Pilot

Bell 412 Pilot

Although I notice that you need to be a US citizen (along with having a Special Forces-type military background).

This thread might also help. :eek:



UnDies 18th Dec 2006 05:40

Cheers gents - Lets see whats available.

Much appreciation

dragonsfly 18th Dec 2006 20:11

Good luck Undies
The money might be good but you really need to be alive to spend it. It reminds me of an old saying, "Not even the brave live for ever, but the cautious do not get to live at all".
It's times like this when being cautious can help just a little.

jonnyloove 18th Dec 2006 20:16

B.W are using some non American Citizens on there Helicopters in Baghdad on the the U.S Ambasdors Contract.

UnDies 18th Dec 2006 20:22

Thanks for the advice Dragonsfly - I spent some time there in 2004 doing some security work - not a safe place but that was by road - thought I should try the skies......Who Dares, Wins

JonnyLoove - B.W?

jonnyloove 18th Dec 2006 20:30

B.W = Is Blackwater Security the Gents in Oakleys and more wepons than the U.S army!

UnDies 19th Dec 2006 19:41

Cheers JonnyLoove - managed to figure it out after I posted the thread - Was in Iraq when one of their convoys got hit making a wrong turn in Faluja - terrible contact.

jonnyloove 19th Dec 2006 19:50

Iam still working hear in iraq. Blackwater are still making the wrong turns every day!!!!
Bless them!!!!!!!!!

Flashman 20th Dec 2006 09:31

...and what is the renumeration for the risk involved?

UnDies 21st Dec 2006 20:17

Flashman - it`s very, VERY good but there is a reason for that - I`m not sure what the pilots are getting but security work (on the ground) is paying around $14 000.00 a month or slighty less.

JonnyLoove - keep your head down.

jonnyloove 21st Dec 2006 21:06

Thanks UnDies. The Aviation side off secuirty in iraq is growing fast. alot off the private security companys are choosing to move important pax by air now. in 2003 after the war ended there was just Blackwater Flying there hughes 369 and MD500s. Now you have a Hip-8s and bell 412EP, and SA-330J And even an Sikorsky-61N MK2. Getting used Daily in Iraq and Afghanistan. The average i have Belive to be for Pilot is $2000 a day. and Rear crew are on about $800 a day. There are jobs out there but is the same story right time right place as always for these. And aslo owning your on set off Teflon undearwear helps on a daily basis when flying about Camp Victory and the I.Z zone.

UnDies 23rd Dec 2006 13:09

Jonnyloove - which outfit are you flying for - do you have email addies I could forward my cv too? B.W are really only wanting x-military and combat experienced pilots....Any assistance would be appreciated.

Keep them rotors turning!!

jonnyloove 23rd Dec 2006 18:42

P.M me i will give you the run down off whos flying!!

Kick The Tyres Light the fires!!

Staticdroop 29th Mar 2009 18:37

Iraq Helicopter Providers
I'm sure this has come up before but couldn't find anything useful using the search function.
Who are the providers of helicopters in Iraq, i'm sure Blackwater do some but not sure who else, your thoughts please.

9Aplus 29th Mar 2009 20:54

What do You need exactly?

If is not for public release, please send PM

GREGCART 29th May 2010 14:03

Civilian choppers in Iraq?
Hi Folks,

Do you know if any civilian company is currently operating civilian helicopters in Iraq and for which kind of operations?

hueyracer 29th May 2010 14:24

Yes, there are...

PAI is operating there (afaik), and a few other companies are flying there-mainly for military or NGO purpose...

Starting this year, there might be some helicopters flying for the UN..

helialan 29th May 2010 22:38

Hear that Everett are putting in 2 or 3 BK117s

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