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Visited a careers seminar in the UK and need some advice

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Visited a careers seminar in the UK and need some advice

Old 1st Mar 2018, 15:00
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Originally Posted by Kraxous View Post
(First post here so be gentle! Also cross-post from Reddit as suggested by a user that I'd get a better response here.)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

I'm from the UK and visited a helicopter training school at the weekend to learn about getting into the aviation industry. I expected to walk away from it relatively empty handed other than maybe a contact number for a company that teaches pilots but I was very wrong.

The bottom line is I could do my PPL(H) (1/4 self funded with a Career Development Loan) and then progress on to CPL(H) and work through the motions of becoming a Flight Instructor (FI(H)). I could also do a "one-of-a-king" BSc in Flight Aviation that's for 3 years.

I was being told while I was there that I'd be guaranteed a job once I hit my CPL(H) stage either with the school or otherwise, and obviously as time progresses I could become a FI with the school as there is a, in their words a "severe shortage of helicopter pilots and instructors willing to teach the future generations."

They also offer a scholarship programme where people can apply for it (not guaranteed for an individual as they interview, assess and choose a person who they think is best suited). So here there are multiple routes into getting fully qualified passed the PPL(H) mark. The private licence is currently the biggest financial hurdle for me but I believe I can surpass it.

I don't know if any of this seems too good to be true though? It was a really awesome centre, epic training helicopters, friendly staff and students etc. - what the MD and staff did though was obviously trying to convince me to sign up, saying I'd get discounts here and making the package seem more appealing.

Should I jump at it? I really want to do it but obviously once I'm invested that's it, I won't be able to change my mind without taking a big hit financially.

Is there really a pilot shortage and does it seem too good to be true?

EDIT: I also forgot to mention about the IR rating I was told about. They don't teach IR at the school as, understandably, it's expensive and the craft differs because obviously you get rated for that particular helicopter. If you work for a company that does chartering, will that company pay for the Instrument Rating for you or does that have to be funded by yourself? (I've been told it can exceed £30k.)
I met a flight instructor once who had a "guaranteed job" after graduation. He got the job sure enough, trouble is,...they had no students for him to teach.

I was at a job fair two days ago at Heliexpo in Vegas. Sure didn't get the impression there was any kind of pilot shortage,...maybe a job shortage,...?
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Old 1st Mar 2018, 21:30
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Wow OK! I wasn't expecting this type of response weirdly. I wasn't getting any emails from people responding and just checked this on a whim.

Thank you all for your responses.

I have so many more questions but they'll all get answered in plenty of time I imagine. Again thank you all!
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Old 1st Mar 2018, 21:39
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Good luck.

Although seriously. Either you want to become helicopter pilot or not. The fixed wing alternative route is a pretty boring way to make a living but there are worse jobs I guess.

You just have to be determined and not let anything change your focus if flying helicopters is the only job you want. Heck even I made it and I didn´t have any connections or chances other than god luck and my good looks

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Old 2nd Mar 2018, 08:49
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My, there are some bitter and twisted folk on here! Please be sure of your facts before hitting 'post' guys. There are several massive inaccuracies in some of the posts in this thread.

Kraxous, the decision is yours and yours alone. Good luck with whichever path you choose!
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Old 2nd Mar 2018, 15:28
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Aytoo, heard of the expression that has the words smoke and fire in it ?
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Old 2nd Mar 2018, 17:54
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There are one or two on here that I know and have a very deep respect for, each one learnt and honed their skills in their early flying days in the RN, AAC or the RAF. Yet today none of the responses have suggested that. I have a close family member who is Senior Aircrew in one of the services and he too is now despondent about the future. Is that the reason that no one is suggesting that route?

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Old 3rd Mar 2018, 00:52
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I would suggest that if you leave it that late, you have lost it anyway!

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Old 8th Mar 2018, 21:08
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FI roles

Further to the discussion on FI roles, there’s something going on at Newquay according to this:

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Old 8th Mar 2018, 22:03
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Corr, doesn’t the requirement to hold FE CPL(H) reduce the field of potential applicants to literally just a handful?
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Old 16th Mar 2018, 15:03
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Originally Posted by Hughes500 View Post
Aytoo, heard of the expression that has the words smoke and fire in it ?
...Yes I have H500. And I may be closer to the fire than you realise
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Old 16th Mar 2018, 16:03
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Originally Posted by Thomas coupling View Post
Careful there, you are very cynical.
Yes Thomas, as I stated that was the "cynical" view. A "worst case" if you will.
I can imagine that most people working as FI's are either retiring soon and like the job close to home, or on their way up and building hours.

Originally Posted by Thomas coupling View Post
Careful about your FW reference. My son has just completed his FTE integrated course and the employment rate is 100% currently for all the 150 students who pass through ti each year, of which 66% are already guaranteed a job provided they pass the course (by various airlines). Of course this is due to the spike in pilot demand which is going exponential at the moment (300,000 pilots needed over the next 13 years - globally).
The question is: in 20 years, will there be any training schools if FW go pilotless?
Overall, the airline industry is reasonably well paid
Yes, I've even looked at the Integrated courses.
If I could take the 1.5-2 years to relocate for the course I'd be very interested myself.

Something worth reading on that subject:

The study, performed by the University of North Dakota (UND) in collaboration with Helicopter Association International (HAI) and Helicopter Foundation International (HFI), predicts there will be a shortage of 7,649 pilots in the United States alone between 2018 and 2036. That deficit will be driven largely by an expected 1.5 percent increase in the country’s total number of airframes over the next two decades.
While this number is concerning, it’s the results of the maintenance personnel forecast that are most alarming.
In a presentation at Heli-Expo 2018, Dr. Elizabeth Bjerke of UND revealed that the U.S. is expected to see a cumulative shortage of 40,613 certified aviation mechanics between now and 2036.
The UND reached out to three regional airlines to find out if helicopter pilots are showing interest in these conversions.

“Lo and behold, the interest in these transition programs is very high,” said Bjerke. “In 2017 alone, 500 [rotary] pilots transitioned through their programs with a 95 percent completion rate. That was at just three of these airlines. Many more are offering these programs.”
There is growth in helicopters, but the maintenance field looks to be the winner.
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Old 17th Mar 2018, 17:15
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You may also take a look on thread here ->
The good, the bad and the ugly training thread

Status now, while waiting for some regulator measures, my Jr is doing some
FW modular training in small ATO where we are 100% sure, about best possible
quality and safety. His target now is to gain ATPL A and H with IR through A
license side.

Regarding particular seminar you visited, must agree with some people here:
it is to good to be true. Been there, done that - and decided to look further.

Good luck...
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