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Shell Southern North Sea Contract 2012

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Shell Southern North Sea Contract 2012

Old 29th Jun 2012, 09:23
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So, the plan at the moment are 2 x 155s based at SH (DOP91 & 92). Will the others be operating from den Helder or is this it for the time being?
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Old 29th Jun 2012, 09:57
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Yes, I'm done here. Hanging up the gloves. I'll leave Epiphany to it to make a fool out of himself.

Have fun!

Signing off.
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Old 29th Jun 2012, 11:46
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Last reply to Epiphany, I promise

"Why don't you go along and ask the DC pilots yourselves?"

I did. This is information from DC pilots themselves. Plus, I've seen it with my own eyes (oh yes, I was there), plus why don't you ask the Dutch CAA, they've dealt with it before.

Strange by the way that I don't hear any DC pilots defending the rumours...

Maybe they are a lot wiser then me by not responding. Credits to them then. I let myself get carried away way to much here. Therefore see my post above.

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Old 29th Jun 2012, 13:28
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Sadly there are small-minded posters here who are blinded by their dislike of smaller operators taking contracts from their own larger (and in their eyes somehow better) companies
Bravo Ephipany! Yours is a voice or reason! You have my full respect because you clearly recognise their is too much sizeist bias by those in the big fat complacent fat operators.

Do I need to explain that an MoC process includes manpower, aircraft, parts, approvals, training, facilities, and every other factor involved in being ready, all with timeline? Surely not...
Well some of the larger helicopters operators clearly struggle with managing change Luckily companies like Shell are adept at change and can provide suitable remedial actions to allow a smooth transfer to new helicopter operators and put all these things in place. In fact it is easier for proper MoC when introducing a small local operator as Shell can handle that rather than leaving it to some complacent global operator.

SNI - Dancopter pilots are too busy preparing for this prestigious contract to be posting nonsense on PPRuNe

Looking forward to the BBQ! Its just a pity that as he is retired the former MD of SAI will not be there to see another key step to moving to agile local operators has occurred.

Last edited by Shell Management; 29th Jun 2012 at 13:30.
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Old 29th Jun 2012, 17:52
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Shell Management,

can you clarify you last point please:

"another key step to moving to agile local operators has occurred. "

if that was what SAI want, then why did they go out to the market with a global service provider tender instead of a number of local contracts?

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Old 29th Jun 2012, 22:00
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Miles, I recommend you just ignore SM. If he was ever connected to Shell, it was at least eight years ago, and not SAI itself. His current connections are to a small operator, so he is totally biased and simply trying to appear knowledgeable and involved. He does not represent SAI, and does not know what they want.
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Old 30th Jun 2012, 06:50
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Shell Management

Two things continue to amaze me about this 'Shell Management' individual, the first is that there are still people who appear to give credence to his strange preachings, error-strewn and grammatically incorrect posts, and second, that Shell Aircraft International have not taken steps to unmask him.

I am reminded of the English King Henry II's remark in AD 1170, "...will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest...."

Not, of course, to be taken as literally as the Henry's words were.
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Old 30th Jun 2012, 14:24
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Saint Jack.....pretty good memory if you can recall something you heard in 1170....Me Mum should be so lucky!

Shell Management may just be known to several posters here at Rotorheads....but for some reason he has not been out'ed in the public forum.

One would wonder if real Shellies are happy having their organization represented by such an individual even if unofficially....but then they themselves have a somewhat controversial reputation amongst the working class who have to deal with them from what we read here.

Knowing more than a few of them myself.....I have to admit I find they do sometimes set themselves up for criticism.

All we have to do is look back at the Shell Decision to go with the EC-155 and Dornier in Nigeria. That whole evolution smacked of extra contract gratuities as it surely did not make either business or common sense when looked at by any real standard.

Imagine a Jet Aircraft without spoilers or speed brakes and with a history of engine problems. Then you spec a helicopter that is fast....long ranged....for a shuttle operation with very short legs for the majority of the operation.....and needs a runway to operate to any weight.

Ah yes....the ways of Shell!
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Old 2nd Jul 2012, 15:01
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So who is flying for Shell today?

Last edited by nbl; 2nd Jul 2012 at 15:02.
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Old 2nd Jul 2012, 15:04
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In Den Helder, Bristow and Dancopter are flying for Shell today, with Bristow having the larger chunk of the workload (more flights, longer days) this week.

In Norwich, I believe Dancopter are on their own, with some minor modifications to the schedule to fit their capacity.
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Old 2nd Jul 2012, 15:49
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Dancopter have two EC155s at Norwich, handled by SaxonAir
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Old 2nd Jul 2012, 20:39
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Norwich Airport departure and arrival info tells a different story
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Old 3rd Jul 2012, 10:46
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Probably slow in updating their system. The BHL site shows a different picture:

Bristow Passenger Services
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Old 4th Jul 2012, 23:05
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Does anyone know which company really got shell contract??
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 08:37
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I don't know where DC kept their barbecue last Sunday in Den Helder, but it seems they kept it inside the helicopter.... Or at least close to it.

Aircraft is broken, again! Contract not even up and running for 5 days now.... Bristow crew having to save the day by flying their balls off. Are you keeping track of KPI's Shell?

Someone at Shell must be scratching behind his ears right now.

Hate to say I told you so....

Last edited by SNI; 5th Jul 2012 at 09:02.
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 12:32
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You weren't invited - and I can smell the bullshit from here.
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 12:45
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So can I, Epiphany, but I don't smell any of it coming from SNI's direction! What is it that you don't believe about what he wrote, and what evidence do you have in support?
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 13:40
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I possibly doubt the credibility of CoCo The Clown as he was the one who originally told us the NVH do not attend sim training. This was proven to be false. He also told us that Dancopter 155's do not meet Shell specifications. This was proven to be false. He also told us that Dancopter pilots admitted to him personally that they regularly fly over max gross weight aircraft and regularly lie to their customers. It is laughable that he actually expects people to believe this.

SNI is a bitter and twisted individual who for some reason has a grudge against Dancopter and NHV and this bitterness has blinded him to truth and common sense. He is one who would never let the truth stand in the way of a good story and he therefore has no credibility.

My theory is that he wasw bullied at school and later in life failed both the NHV Dancopter pilot selection tests.
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 14:13
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So, err, no evidence then! I believe from my own knowledge that what SNI wrote today is accurate.

As I recall it, the NHV/sim issue ended up being that at the time of the comment being made, NHV had only just started fulfilling this OGP requirement, so it was not false, just a month or two out of date.

It's still the case that only Bristow's 155B1s have the spec that Shell Aircraft required. Plenty of posts (including my own) to support that. Also not false.

I have no personal knowledge from which to comment on your last piece of character evidence, but once again suggest you get off of your own pedestal, to be seen as credible yourself in future.
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 14:39
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Maybe DC 155's are not the same spec as Bristow 155's but funny enough they both meet the Shell requirements... otherwise they wouldn't be flying for them.

The Heli Holland machine was also good enough for Shell when they needed them and they still fly the 155 with internal liferafts.....

Shell their requirement/ safety is just like in any other company.........
money driven.

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