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India- A New Chopper Destination

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India- A New Chopper Destination

Old 29th Jan 2009, 11:07
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Wink India- A New Chopper Destination

India is considered a fast growing option for many CHOPPER Pilots...

Drop your comments/feedback/thoughts...


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Old 29th Jan 2009, 11:34
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Is the Indian CAA/DCA open to validations and foreign licensed personnel and how do their department of labour or whatever the equivalent is see the question of work permits for expats?
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Old 29th Jan 2009, 12:25
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Chaotic, bureaucratic, full of unfulfilled promises
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Old 29th Jan 2009, 15:33
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Oh yes I've got some, it was the night before christmas and all was quite. Then suddenly I had accidently sent my CV out there and got a reply, B206 up and down, mumbai and delhi. $5000 a month, this was 2 years ago at least. I then asked the Capt who was recruiting " what is the rotation 4 on 2 off, 5 on 4 off ? ". Then there was silence. you get 28 days holiday a year, 6 days on 1 day off and that is it......
flying around in the heat of the summer in india for 5000 a month, with one day off a week. I think they might have a bit of a problem recruiting international pilots
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Old 29th Jan 2009, 15:39
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So the moral of the story is the only time we will be flying in indias airspace is in a 747 going over it
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Old 30th Jan 2009, 00:36
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Wouldn't working 6 days a week be the norm for some if not most CFIs at reasonably busy schools, or flying tours in certain places eg.Vegas.

The difference being most will not earn $5000 a month and get 28 days holiday. Well not the ones i have known.

The question could be what experience were they looking for in the job offering that pay, if lowish then some people might be glad of the work.

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Old 30th Jan 2009, 03:02
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It Depends!!!

India welcomes foreign pilots if you have got something to offer! Otherwise there are probably enough national pilots to fill most of the slots.

Validations and the rest of the licensing process are 'doable'.

If you have 'an attitude' then it is definitely not for you.

If you want to use your skills to help you see the world, then maybe it could be for you. Great flying, sometimes an unbelievable environment, fantastic weather (if you are in the right place), it truly is 'Incredible India'!

If you fly offshore what can I say? The water looks about the same as in the North Sea and it is as hot on the Mumbai High in summer as it is cold in the North Sea in winter.
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Old 30th Jan 2009, 03:11
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Be aware there is one well known operator in INDIA who will lie & deceive you to get you to India then not pay you your contract dues, holidays or air fares back, which he has done to a number of pilots already & likely will do same again. PM for more details
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Old 30th Jan 2009, 04:01
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SayItIsn'tSo - I'm with you, and the amount of new machinery coming in and flying around is mind boggling, even in this current global economic crisis...

Wokwokwok - It's awful to hear about such scum operating in the industry, one Northern operator comes to mind... even worse if you're one of the unfortunate ones who did the right thing, worked hard and got ....but at least there's plenty more companies looking for pilots
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Old 30th Jan 2009, 05:55
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I am with SayItIsn'tSo on this one:

Results 2008-

154 days of flying, single engine day vfr only
485 flight hours
If not flying mostly on standby with mobile phone on beach or where ever...
Basically no ad hoc flying, program given usually minimum one day in advance.
No office duties.

60 days out of the country, vacation not used completely thanks to good flight and duty time rules in India.
Leave is paid in full, of course. Received 12 salaries.

5500 USD cash after tax-no tax in home country as well.

no expenses for:
care taker- he cooks(well), does the laundry, keeps the house clean and so forth, more like a butler.
gas for car !!!
flight medical

When sitting in some hotel food and beer is taken care of by room service
The more you are out the more you save.
Cost of living is very low here, spending 400 Dollares a month takes quite an effort.

Yes, 98% of indian air traffic controllers don't deserve that title and a lot of them are afraid and incapable of handling helicopters.
Paperwork is more than just incredible, but once you know what to do when it is easy, especially when you get yourself a good dispatcher...

Security at airports is a nightmare, these guys are not the sharpest tools in the box. But then again so aren't the guys who invented the rules and manifested them in the book which everybody follows.

I keep hearing this "Don't argue, you have to follow the procedure".
Makes we want to kill somebody every time.


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Old 30th Jan 2009, 12:27
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Airport security is a nightmare, ATC's are appalling (the faster you speak the better you are!!!!) Company's are always trying to save a buck and promises/rules!!!!what promises/rules?????
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Old 30th Jan 2009, 13:36
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Thumbs down

I was offered a job by a large Indian helicopter company flying Bell 412s in 2007. The offer came from their operations manager (a Brit) but when the contract came from their HRM (an Indian lady) it was totally different, with a much lower pay and none of the promised 'extras'. After getting back to the operations manager several times and still getting different offers from the HRM I realised that I was wasting my time. He wanted someone with experience and she was just looking for someone on the cheap at local rates. I certainly won't bother again. The whole process was bureaucratic as has been mentioned, frustrating and I wouldn't trust an Indian company after that experience as it's one of their largest private companies
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Old 31st Jan 2009, 04:37
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Hi Yarba,
Sounds like an experience I had once upon a time with a major Norwegian company. Sh1t happens, everywhere!

I would suggest to you that the HR lady was only doing the job she was being paid to do and that the Operations Manager made you an offer he probably wasn’t authorised to do. When looking for a job it is very important to find out who has the authority to hire; it varies between companies, some companies even use a committee.

I also detect what SIIS called ‘an attitude’.

I have no doubt that the incident ‘wok3’ described happened, I also suspect that there was no follow up action by the employee. India has good labour laws, although compensation is hardly worth pursuing. If it is a matter of principle then he might get some satisfaction. A solicitor’s letter might be all that it would take to get the payment released. It should be borne in mind that nearly all operator’s in India have ‘morphed’ from corporate Flight Departments and that there is a big organisation behind them. So generally it is not worth their while to stiff people and suffer adverse publicity. If ‘www’ or his source wishes to PM me I have a friend who might be prepared to take it up. I say might because there are always two sides to the story and I know of expat pilots who left India covered in something, and it wasn’t glory. An example I heard of involved a French pilot who was developing a reasonable reputation with his employers, until his ‘lady’ arrived in country, after which he developed ‘an attitude’. When added to her ‘attitude’ it was too much for his employers and he was fired even though his induction flying training was barely complete.

It is always worth trying to modify your behaviour as the visitor to blend in with the local society. Generally it works better for you, and you achieve more. Most Indians, in India, that are in a position to interact with foreigners, when given the opportunity will display a level of politeness and kindness that hasn’t been seen in the 1st world in 50 years...mind that is not to say they wouldn’t ‘shank’ you in the back without batting an eyelid if you invite or deserve it.

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Old 31st Jan 2009, 05:25
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Hidden Agenda,

You're entirely wrong. The offer was also authorised by the CEO (also a non-Indian). I later discovered it was more to do with internal politics in the company and someone local who they wished to replace but who had well-connected friends in the company.

Even back in the Gulf I think I'm far better off
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Old 31st Jan 2009, 08:16
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Mmmmm ...

Hidden ....

You ever worked in India?

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Old 31st Jan 2009, 09:49
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Angry Indian helicopter industry.....

well as far as i can see India is a great country but there's a lot of bureauacy and the biggest problem is corruption in this country....

Most/Majority of the heli pilots in india are from military aviation who are really good in what they do (flying) but some of them are perfect red collor type....

No one there believes in a healthy conversation and always think that they are always right....No one is ready to listen your point of view....

Some people with good contacts can manipulate anything and everthing....

And i think it's not only attitude which will get you in trouble in india but also if you are self-righteous....

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Old 31st Jan 2009, 11:50
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India is a great counrty, it is corrupt, dirty and bureauacratic and not a place to work as an expat helo pilot
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Old 2nd Feb 2009, 09:27
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I spent a month there last year.
Loved every minute of with the exception of the two days I couldn't be more than three steps away from the toilet. Worst case of the poops I've every had, ate Imodium like they were tick tacks and when I eventually farted air and not liquid, I was high fiving myself all over the place. But that's a whole nuther story as they say...............
Very good company, private operation, good aircraft, well maintained and looked after. The local pilot I was with was good at his job and made my time there enjoyable. I never felt threatened or in danger at any time, even on a dark night skulking around by myself trying to find the tiny shop that sold beer. Everybody I met or delt with was happy, kind, indulgiant of a fat dumb white boy in a strange country. They are all very patriotic and will give you an Indian history lesson at the drop of a hat.
The money was good, as was promised, and they organised all the required paperwork.
Given the chance, I would go again for the same people.
My only advice if you are looking at going there is to do your homework and check with other expat pilots over there. There are a couple of shonky mobs to stay clear of. Use this forum to your advantage, plenty of pilots will give an opinion.
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Old 4th Feb 2009, 12:44
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Cool A Mixed Bag - India

I personally think India is a MIXED BAG...... Lots of EXPAT Pilots flying.....
lots of operators from ones who just wants to make $$ to the companies who fly like any PREMIER High Flying Co in any part of the WORLD.

Like sm1 said in the forums , do your HOMEWORK.....frm what ive found out....

There isnt any IFR flying done by even multi-engine choppers that are allowed as per books.

There is a good amt of flying & then there is always the JOY of EXPLORING Incredible India......different places , diff cuisines , diff cultures , friendly ppl ....all ROLLED into ONE --> INDIA......

So if you love to be one of those who has gone there and SEEN that and wud love to get PAID for it as well...forget the ON and OFF , Leaves....

My personal suggestion , go thru Aviation HRs based out of India...

Capt Menon , K-Air Charters are those that come to my mind.

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Old 4th Feb 2009, 16:26
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RawKnee ......

.... "There isnt any IFR flying done by even multi-engine choppers that are allowed as per books".

Care to explain what you mean by the above statement?

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