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I guess they don't like Heli's !!!!

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I guess they don't like Heli's !!!!

Old 29th Apr 2008, 23:39
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Well I had no problem adding a handful in our favour. Though we have a steep hill to climb if we want to eclipse 12.000.

Colourful language they use on their website.

One can leave the cookies window open which speeds things up a tad.

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Old 30th Apr 2008, 00:46
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C'mon boys and girls lets keep the voting going.!
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 01:29
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10 seconds per vote... been doing it for 20 minutes... well statistics and sociology is a lie anyway... ok time to get sober.
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 01:47
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I'm at it right now, and I think someone else is too... they're racking up nicely...
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 07:37
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when one of these lentil munchers is lying half dead at the side of the road following an RTA, do you think that the noise from the air ambulance that picks them up and saves their life will be an issue !!!
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 08:38
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This thread should be deleted soon. They will find out about it and will then claim that the vote has been compromised. This wil blunt the effect of our democratic exercise - but doesn't stop us carry on voting !!

My experience of protest groups is that they are anti democratic and fantical. They only want to hear evidence that supports their case and from people who support them - they then claim to represent "the majority".

What ever happened to the British tradition of tolerance ??
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 09:10
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I guess most of them speak latin...


....and like peas and milk maybe?
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 09:13
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Being a probationary I guess I can't post links, but from the website click 'FAQs' then 'Is there additional help available?'....... looks like you need a latin degree

____________________________________________________________ ______


As a probationary, any of your first 3 posts may be held for approval if they contain a link. Now approved, just a bit of patience needed

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Old 30th Apr 2008, 09:22
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Extract of Turville Parish Council minutes 17/1/2008
"Helicopter Noise
David Shufflebotham (01494 883728) is leading protests in South Bucks against excessive helicopter noise and has contacted Paul Goodman our MP for support currently there is no legislation against noise from civilian helicopters. He is particularly concerned over weekend training for trainee pilots. The MOD is a "law unto themselves" so there is no chance of getting restrictions for military flights according to Mr. Shufflebotham."

He has also enlisted the help of CPRE http://www.cpresurrey.org.uk/assets/..._07_08_8pp.pdf

"CPRE Surrey took part in an initial meeting at the AEF (Aviation Environment Federation) office in London with the Helicopter Noise Coalition's founder David Shfflebotham and other interested parties. Battersea Heliport is a shared concern for all of us, as flights from there cover a wide geographical area. The group needs to demonstrate the number of people who are affected by helicopter noise and will have help from the Environmental Law Foundation."

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Old 30th Apr 2008, 09:36
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GOTO Tools internet options, cookie section, settings, view cookies folder.... two windows open click and delete.. try and get to the next percent.. I got to 6% wahey! Very satisfying... Will delete these instrctions in a few days.

BTW I notice that one vote sometimes 1 vote equals 2 points....are they cheating? unless someone else was voting at the same time as me.. Also the question of the survey is preselective so their figures count for nothing statistically. A survey would have to be conducted for real away from said website (random population) and a suitable question would be: "Were you irritated by any noise pollution today?" If answer "Yes".. then "What type of noise?" Car/Motorbike/ Aeroplane/Helicopter/Roadworks/Mower... or no leading options at all, etc etc. I don't think helos will feature. Cars, motorbikes, mowers maybe.
It's dangerous/misleading what they are doing.... click away with no guilt!!!
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 10:18
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Yes, Him
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Its up to 839 now. Well, I was truthful, had no heli noise in the last 7 days. Lots of night flying Chinooks & Merlins though.
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 10:45
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My RSI is kicking in now.
Might have to use a different finger.
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 16:20
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Well done. 1000 of you have now voted
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 16:51
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I'm on it ! with IE7 i am using ccleaner to clear the cookies then vote.

AOL browser wont let me vote again dont know how to fix that, but it doesnt matter if IE7 works, will try to do 100 later
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Old 30th Apr 2008, 16:58
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based in High Wycombe

I see that the site is run by someone in Wycombe - probably the same person who complains about the helis to the tower and the 2 operators when they come over his house - despite having moved there after the airfield started to operate.

We should all take our noise seriously - here at Abingdon we have the boys and girls from Benson and Brize Playing on the airfield - I have on a number of occasions had comments from locals who know I fly about the noise to which I reply "if you had a child in the forces would you like them to go into a war zone without proper training" - this normally shuts them up.

Remember that minority activists (twats to us) will always win - as they are sad enough to complain, organise and stir till they get their way.

30 years ago if you were told fox hunting would be banned and fishermen would be pushed into the river would you have believed it ???????

sorry for the rant but they do p-ss me off


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Old 30th Apr 2008, 17:57
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I just posted this on their sight awaiting the reply lol muhahahahah

"Oh my god i thought I had seen it all but this web site has to be a joke do you have any idea what planet you are living on? where the hell do you think the pilots of EMS and police helicopters learn to fly they don't spring out of the ground!!

And I would like to point out that most helicopters flights take place from and to airports that have been in place a lot longer than muppets like you have been living near them.

You clearly have no idea of the importance of helicopters to those who use them, who might very well locate their bussiness somewhere more helpful if anybody starts listerning to the likes of short sighted mindless fools like your goodself.

P.S all those who register against should also ban themself from every taken an airline flight or use an airambulance etc.

Kind regards James"
Old 30th Apr 2008, 18:06
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Hovering AND talking
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CBS, if you have the opportunity to edit your post on their forum, may I suggest that you don't call them "muppets"? Muppets they may be but it won't help our arguments if we get insulting.


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Old 30th Apr 2008, 18:37
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yeah your right I should have waited for the smoke to stop coming out of my ears before i wrote anything but these kind of people do my nut!!!!!!!!!
Old 30th Apr 2008, 19:06
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Two more added here!

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Old 30th Apr 2008, 20:27
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Well when I posted about the poll last night I NEVER expected this response! Good job people

BTW - I fly into High Wycombe and the Noise abatement procedure because of this couple requires us (single engine heli's) to fly very low over a very dense bit of wood on finals.
So we have to put our, and possibly our passengers lives at risk for THEM! We may not be air ambulance or police but we are still putting ourselves in danger for them!

They are well know around the airfield... The couple who have started a national campaigne against helicopters!


Oops! we just made 1158! Im not stopping yet!

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