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Mortals V helicopter pilots

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Mortals V helicopter pilots

Old 5th Nov 2007, 17:29
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Mortals V helicopter pilots

What superior attributes does a helicopter pilot have over your average Man/ Woman. The question is based on a person i know , who being highly qualified in his field, is a real pratt when faced with what appears to be an easily solved problem in everyday life. Bug
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Old 5th Nov 2007, 17:35
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Hovering AND talking
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Common sense has nothing to do with education just as the ATPL(H) exams have nothing to do with flying in real life!


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Old 5th Nov 2007, 17:39
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Ability to live on £15,000 per year in the UK.
Old 5th Nov 2007, 18:54
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Almost anyone can do it, just takes some more practice than others. Doesn't make them better or worse, myself case in point!

An inferior attribute might be the ability to waste far more money than they can afford on their chosen activities!

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Old 5th Nov 2007, 21:00
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Old 5th Nov 2007, 21:52
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In some cases the arrogance born of the mistaken idea that they are somehow special simply because they have mastered a specific skill-set that as mentioned in an earlier post..

Almost anyone can do it, just takes some more practice than others.
This arrogance is not limited to pilots though, it is simply a human trait that some do worse than others.
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Old 5th Nov 2007, 21:55
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Hovering AND talking
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I don't get all this talk of arrogance and humility; I'm simply perfect!


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Old 5th Nov 2007, 23:28
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We need to get a grip...

Guys and girls,

Whilst I'm quite sure Bug's post is predominately 'in jest', the seriously worrying thing is how many pilots (not just helicopter pilots) actually get sucked into the hype of it all.

The thing about flying is there is a certain amount of mystique associated with it as far as much of the general public is concerned. What I can't quite get over is how some (not all!) pilots actually buy into it when they know what's really involved.

The qualities involved in being a good pilot are pretty simple for the most part...

1. A good sense of spatial awareness.
2. An ability to handle lots of simple bits of info and prioritise accordingly.
3. Some basic hand, eye, foot coord.
4. The drive to handle responsibility.
4. Lots of persistence and hard work.
5. An ability to plan your career rather than have it plan you.

There are I'm sure other attributes but I believe they are the main ones.

Where we (the public) got the idea that somehow pilots had other worldly attributes I have no idea but having said that, I have never objected to the kudos that comes with the position. I just try and keep it in perspective.

Not hard to do when many of my friends are doctors, lawyers (okay maybe not the lawyers) and other professional types.

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Old 6th Nov 2007, 06:38
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You need to chill out!

Anyway we're fantastic

"BIG WATCH! SMALL C***! SHOUT YOUR OWN NAME WHEN YOU ****!" HOORAY..................................
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Old 6th Nov 2007, 10:50
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Mere mortal’s huhhh.
Don’t see many of them here-abouts.

I remember a very funny story in that vein. It goes like this. It was during the BTEC campaign. Old campaigners know all about the eradication of bovine TB in OZ’s northern cattle herds over a thirteen year period during the nineties..

Pilots were often called upon to operate like magicians doing incredible hours and getting cleaner musters than ever with all the rank cattle that all the horsemen legends for years had missed.

Govt stock inspectors also did many hours working in the yards all day needling with tuberculin or reading the reactions of up to 3,000 head at a time then driving most of the night to the next location. Rum was their constant companion. Easy to carry see.

We were at the house of a famous Authoress. They had house guests. They all knew each other with all their kids at a posh southern school.

The father – from the south – was a bit of stud breeder of some strange breed and was plying the local stock inspector with many questions about “local genotypes, breed characteristics” and other phraseology and using words longer than corrugated-iron.

Now it wasn’t done to destroy the host’s cocktail cabinet, even under such strenuous conditions because, remember, we had to perform another miracle come daylight.

The southern knob was also trying to interest the local boss into taking on some of his “top cattle” to cross with his local cattle. Now that would have made as much sense as sending a Masai warrior to Iceland to live off the land, but we still weathered this onslaught with manners - and just a little sip or two.

Finally the southerner’s interest turned to the qualifications of Stock Inspectors; because of our embellishments he was sure that they were more qualified than any veterinarian than he had ever seen. And he’d seen a few, just ask him.

“Tell me bluey” he says “what does it take to do this job?”

‘Easy’ says Blue the stockie, ‘[email protected]@-a day, an-drive-all-night!’
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Old 6th Nov 2007, 11:19
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Common sense and experience shows we cannot spend so many hours under these spinning blades without side effects or molecular makeup change...sure we are becoming different with time, everybody normal will say it's obvious !
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Old 6th Nov 2007, 12:05
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Angel hmm

Personally I fink if you can pass the ATPL Nav exam you're special... then if you can apply all that while flying... you are really special... but if you can do it with no free hands... you......must............................be................. ...........a Helicopter Pilot!
Da top of da pile. (Unless you navigate by road signage...)
Some men were born to fly.. some were born to point at them.... And some were born to hover.................
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Old 6th Nov 2007, 13:52
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What's the difference between helicoper pilots and mere mortals?

Helicopter pilots don't wish they were mere mortals.

fetching coat...
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Old 6th Nov 2007, 15:18
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Whats the difference between god and a helicopter pilot?

God does not think he can fly a helicopter.........
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Old 6th Nov 2007, 20:00
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Helicopter pilots MUST be the creme de la creme.......

Because nearly all of the mil heli pilots I ever worked with assured me they only ever wanted rotary anyway!

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Old 7th Nov 2007, 15:47
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No one else can make such an impact in just .5 of a seconds, due to lack of attention!

Peter R-B
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