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UK helicopter schools (Merged)

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UK helicopter schools (Merged)

Old 12th Aug 2012, 18:34
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PPL and CPL Gloucestershire

I am trying to choose where to train, I am near Staverton, I have had a chat with a few of the companies there and I am having difficulty choosing as they are all very friendly, does anyone have any personal experience with them and any recommendations. Ideally I would like to stick with the same place for both PPL and CPL. Any advice very welcome.
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Old 13th Aug 2012, 00:34
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i did my FI course at Heliflight at Staverton the FI course instructor is not an employee of them but i got to know the staff and the general operation whilst i was there.
They are a decent bunch and the chief pilot JL is very experienced and well thought of in many circles.
never a shortage of aircraft and generally quite flexible.
they do PPL upto FI R22 R44 and B206

just my 2 cents
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Old 13th Aug 2012, 20:57
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Thanks for the reply Chester, I had about an hour flight with Jon, he was great, but so were the other people I flew with that day as well.

I am debating between Heliflight and Rise, good to hear that I am not too far off the mark. Anyone have any experience of Rise?

Sotiras I like the idea of having a go in the Cabri G2 looks great from what I have seen, but have been told that learning on something with a Fenestron the yaw would be more twitchy, and the R22 is twitchy enough for me. I had difficulty getting to there website as my mac said that it could harm my computerI may have to head over and have a look.
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Old 14th Aug 2012, 12:26
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I fly with Rise, never had any problems and as you have found a very friendly bunch.

I'm just at the point of my PPL exam, if i get my finger out my bum with my ground exams that is.
I had a small period of not going for personal reasons and had them checking everything was ok with me. This was the staff genuinely checking i was ok outside of work and it was in essence friends checking on me.

I never have any issues asking the daft questions, or feeling like I should know something i don't, if i want to recover old ground and check certain aspects of my flying its never an issue.

I cant comment on the other school, but i guess your going to go with who you feel more comfortable with as I'm sure both schools can provide the training equally well.

If you do fly with Rise I hope to see you there some point

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Old 15th Aug 2012, 01:11
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Friends! Don't be naive. They are ringing you to try make sure you come back to continue training and paying them. Friends! Don't be fooled. It's a business arrangement full stop.
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 04:39
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OOW - of course you are right. Any supplier of goods/services who show that they care is more likely to retain customers that way! Good customer service never hurts and often sorts out the wannabe operators from the successful ones.

No links to any companies involved here, just a "customer service" observation
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 08:40
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Thank you for all the feedback everyone, it has been very helpful.

See you in the skys over the southwest very shortly.
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 10:07
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Gloucester (Staverton) is one of the best places to learn to fly helicopters in the UK.

Superb modern facilities, very helicopter friendly training, major helicopter centre (Bristow, Bond, Police, Air Ambulance, Gloucestershire Helicopters, Rise, Heliflight, etc). Great flying environment with wide open helicopter training areas and feature rich landscape, acces to endless unrestricted Class G air space.

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Old 23rd Aug 2012, 09:21
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Rise Helicopters

Yes I agree the staff are so Friendly and helpful, now I hear the company is for sale due to financial difficulties, is this true ?
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Old 24th Aug 2012, 10:49
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Rise Helicopters


I find it hilarious that you have heard that Rise Helicopters is for sale due to financial difficulties, a look at the flight programming board will confirm that Rise Helicopters is most definitely not for sale, it never has been.

You are quite correct however in stating that the staff are so friendly and helpful, Customer Service and Safety are driving factors in everything they do.
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 08:54
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Recommended Schools

Hello everybody.

I was wondering if anybody had any advice on a decent place to train in the Gloucestershire area? Initially PPL/CPL and possibly FI eventually.

Taken ages to get a medical but I'm ready to start now.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 14:18
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Gloucestershire area? Not a chance. Never heard of any helicopter flight training in that area; or helicopter activity even. And reading through the last few posts, neither has anyone else.
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Old 27th Sep 2012, 19:14
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DuckButter: If it has taken you ages to get a medical, are you sure you want to follow a career in aviation? Any small "hiccup" with your health could mean the 70K (min) you invest to become a FI may be a poor investment.
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Old 28th Sep 2012, 08:48
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I'm currently looking for places which offer the PPL(H) are are within about an hours train journey from Oxford (and not more that a short taxi from the station) - I don't drive!

I'm currently considering Coventry (who use Robinsons) and Kembel (Robinson and Cabri G2), however, my preference would be Schwiezer.

Anyone offer any suggestions?


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Old 28th Sep 2012, 09:37
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You should speak to Ray Jones at Gloucestershire Helicopters 07968 951 069.

He is a very experienced instructor/examiner, based at Gloucester and trains on the Hughes or Schweizer 300'C' (and most other helicopters).

Schweizer 269 G-ZZDD | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Pretty sure he'd also help you out with lifts and pick up.

He trained my son here -
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Old 31st Mar 2013, 22:52
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Kuki helicopters or Multiflight for my PPL(H)?


I'm keen to start PPL(H) training. Unfortunately Hields at Sherburn have got rid of their R22 so I'm trying to decide between Kuki helicopters at Gamston and Multiflight at Leeds Bradford; does anyone have any experience of either, or any alternatives within a sensible drive from York?

Many thanks,

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Old 1st Apr 2013, 07:46
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You could try heather/ les at heliyorks they use Breighton near York or humberside they have r22 r44 206

[email protected]
Heliyorks Helicopter Training - Welcome to Heliyorks
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Old 1st Apr 2013, 07:53
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Hi richy,

Have you been to the two sites you are considering?
Had an informal talk and got a rounded impression?

I know which decision I would make in your shoes and it wouldn't require a lot of contemplation.

If you were going to play football would you take a cricket bat?

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Old 1st Apr 2013, 15:03
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I second the recommendation for Heather and Les at Heliyorks, I did my EASA CPL conversion with them last year. Outstanding service!

Last edited by anti-talk; 1st Apr 2013 at 15:04.
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Old 3rd Apr 2013, 20:18
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MD 600 driver and Anti Talk,

Thanks for your advice, I'm going to visit HeliYorks this weekend. Unfortunately they're not operating from Breighton at the mo so I might have a look at MultiFlight and HeliNorth as well which are a bit closer.
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