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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

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What's New In W. Africa (Nigeria)

Old 9th Sep 2006, 22:49
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Meet me in....

Originally Posted by Um... lifting... View Post
...geographically challenged... would that be the St. Louis in scenic Senegal.....What in the world could possibly be scenic enough to film in the land of Mizzou unless it were a sequel to 'Supersize Me', but why would you need a heli? Must be Senegal.
Yes it is the St Louis on the port side of the African continent hence the question being asked in this forum

What is worth filming there?

Keys to the nearest AS350 will unlock the mystery

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Old 10th Sep 2006, 10:49
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Angel St Louis

There is no civilian helicopter in senegal, the closest to get one will be from morroco.
If you need a pilot for 350 or 206, I should be in senegal from mid october after my 6 vacation in a nice holiday resort in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
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Old 10th Sep 2006, 12:06
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There's a 350 in Accra, Ghana. Try Gulfwing

Probably not as close as Morocco, but available.
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Old 10th Sep 2006, 12:47
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People Living Bristow

Doc is living S76 Lagos Bristow for shell operation, Middle East, anyway best of lock. Please show them how 76 is being flown.
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Old 10th Sep 2006, 14:15
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Cool My African Kingdom

Being so tall I can see things better than most smaller mortals and as with my long-ago predecessor, King Leopold, I do what I want and think is right in my African kingdom, taking advice only from my local Chiefs of the Irn Bru clan. That's why with our 6/6 roster Bristow can only cry when they compete against us for crews. When our wonderful new camp is completed the small thinkers in my company will soon know how not only have I saved much money for the Brus and their Maple Leaf partners, but I have created a wonderful living space in the middle of hell. I am the chosen one, the favorite and the intellectual dwarfs from acroos the ocean can do nothing against my superior intellect and contacts.
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Old 10th Sep 2006, 15:19
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Thumbs down

Do you mean that Doc C is leaving Bristow? That'll be another loss to them, especially for training on the S76. I hear they've had a few more resignations from Lagos again this month. What's it going to take to get them to bite the bullet, bring in 6/6 and equal CHC for pay and allowances? From what I hear they have quite a few Brits who'd go back to 8/4 for more money, but they seem totally resistant to any new ideas for change
Anyone know where Doc's actually going? Is he joining 212 Man?
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Old 10th Sep 2006, 15:37
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Thumbs down WAWA

It's depressing to see that things in Nigeria seem to have got worse since I left. Much though I miss Africa I don't miss all the BS and the dreadful management out there. It seems that Noddy Holdall and PeeWee have made nothing but cosmetic changes in Bristow and Kone Head and the Shadow have still learned nothing of the art of man management in CHC. One company is managed by dinosaurs and the other by ostriches, both simple and primitive creatures . Oh well, back to my own personal brand of misery again, though I may return to a different area of Africa as an aid worker soon. I'll try and visit WNIWA occasionally and see if a minor miracle has happened and things have improved in Nigeria. From all I've read here today it seems unlikely
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Old 10th Sep 2006, 16:18
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Nigerian In Law
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Welcome back. Don't stay away too long next time mate.

I wonder if Doc got an offer of a plum posting, say Port Harcourt, whether he would consider staying ?


You're correct about the BGI Brits. 6/6 gives them a tax problem. In fact 7/5 does too if they can't have a holiday or go abroad (wife with a job/kids in school etc). However Brits are a small minority these days.


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Old 10th Sep 2006, 17:37
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You're right about Bristow employing fewer Brits. From what I see and hear both they and CHC are employing many more pilots from the Far East. Because they often come from countries poorer than Nigeria and from a culture which seems to just accept what they are told to do by their managers, I suppose the bosses like it - a compliant workforce willing to work for lower wages.
Wherever Doc's going it's certain to be an improvement - unless it's ADA
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Old 10th Sep 2006, 21:03
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Awww I'm touched!

Shucks chaps, I'll start blushing next. Though I know many of your 'handles', there are many more that I don't. Thanks for any kind words. As unaccustomed to public speaking as I am...

I may see a little more of that 212 chappie, I will be en familieieey, new challenges, new horizons etc... etc...

It really was great while it lasted though! And yes, single pilot IFR was both legal and approved. Some argued safer, as there wasn't anyone else to convince one to take a more risky decision!

Maybe when I'm grey and old, I'll expound my reasons... There again, I'll also be wiser, therefore less likely to make any comment at all!

Cheers to all,

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Old 10th Sep 2006, 21:13
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Showing my ignorance here, but any relation to the Bristow Cameron family of old?
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Old 10th Sep 2006, 22:01
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Nigerian In Law
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Hey Dave,

Good luck mate. 212man and you, don't you two dare come back and audit us !!


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Old 10th Sep 2006, 23:31
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Yes DOC is joining 212man, where he will be acquiring a new found fondness for orange juice, apple juice, melon juice etc! In public places anyway

Droopy, yes; he's second generation. Probably the person in BHL with the most personal interest in the company doing well, and yet seeing at first hand the progressive drop in standards that has occurred in recent years.

NEO, can't guarantee it! Hey if you stick around long enough I may even join you out there....
212man is online now  
Old 11th Sep 2006, 08:03
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Nigerian In Law
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Pass The Razor Blades.......


You know what ? I've just realised that I'll probably still be here when you or Doc turn up in Fredi's job pre your own retirement. What a depressing thought. Can't relocate back to Aberdeen, no chance of transferring to China these days, so I'm stuck.

Good for Doc though, especially with Madam and tribe in tow. Nice place to bring up kids. So who will be chosen to take his room in the Taj Mahal ?


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Old 11th Sep 2006, 20:58
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With so many flights going into Owerri at the moment everyone will have seen the sad, abandoned hulks of the ex-Continental aircraft alongside the ramp area. With Bristow and CHC now so short of pilots and aircraft sitting on the ground, how long before we see some old abandoned helicopters from those companies on the civil side of the NAF Base?
Maybe if the managements of the two companies had listened to many of the pilots who have now left, they wouldn't be in the sorry state they are now. Oh, sorry, can't have management actually talking to bottom feeders now can we? After managers are meant to manage and that just means telling people what to do doesn't it?
To misquote Reginald Perrin, "I didn't get where I am today by sitting around listening to what my employees have to say". The helicopter fleets may be getting modernised but the style of management obviously isn't.
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Old 13th Sep 2006, 11:11
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São Tomé Operation

Does any body knows anything about the offshore operation in São Tomé?

With all the problems in the country, Bristow not giving the expected 6 /6 deal and with more people quiting the company, another one has left to join CHC in PH on the 76 , and also with all the helicopters sitting in the NAF base waiting for qualified personel to crew them also the very small salary raise that they had it looks like that all the younger pilots will be bouncing arround until the finnaly can escape the wild life off West Central Africa. And when unfortunately all the senior guys retire what will happen?
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Old 13th Sep 2006, 13:48
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More pilots leaving

Effective as from yesterday, Exxon Mobil dismissing/rejecting all pilots passed 60. Events will prove very interesting for Bristow Operation Eket.
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Old 13th Sep 2006, 17:03
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Look at the good side of this...the old farts in Warri don't have to worry about getting shipped to Eket!
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Old 13th Sep 2006, 18:05
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Age 60 Eket

Methinks that there is more to this than meets the eye...
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Old 13th Sep 2006, 18:55
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Exxon/Mobil did this before a few years ago, Bristow got rod of quite a few pilots who then joined Aero.
What are their grounds for doing this? In the GOM many pilots are flying beyond even 65. I'm sure if they tried this in the States they'd be in court on an age discrimination charge before the first pilot hit the road.
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