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shorthauler72 11th May 2022 20:35

Picture puzzle - who can identify this cockpit?
Dear community,
Can anyone identify the cockpit featured in this picture? There seem to be some manipulations - there is what looks like a trim band pasted over where the lights for the markers might be. Also, the yoke might be pasted into the picture.


I had a lot of fun searching, but I did not find anything.

Best regards,

Kak Klaxon 11th May 2022 20:48

Death Star or similar vintage. L1011.?

DIBO 11th May 2022 21:05

Airbus A300 Zero G

shorthauler72 11th May 2022 21:11

Wow, this was fast. So it's not a trim band, but a G load meter?

john_tullamarine 12th May 2022 11:22

Possibly better elsewhere than TL ?

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