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nnc0 6th Apr 2022 20:03

I was hoping somebody could help me understand the reason for the difference between the Airbus and Boeing fleets here.

In our Airbus QRHs we have a table that lists the REQUIRED EQUIPMENT FOR CAT2 AND CAT3. The table is intended to be referenced before departure and following any in flight failure. The reasoning for the table is that not every piece of required equipment is annunciated or monitored by the FMGS.

There is no such table in the Boeing documents so it leads me to wonder how does one know if the aircraft meets the minimum equipment requirement for a CAT 2 or Cat 3 approach in a Boeing?

Intruder 6th Apr 2022 20:19

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Our Boeing fleets have them...

awair 6th Apr 2022 22:10

Used to be at the front of the MEL.

awair 6th Apr 2022 22:13

And at some stage in the SNPs.

I guess it’s an airline option?

Denti 7th Apr 2022 13:05

When i was still flying the 737 we had a similar list in the QRH, both for fail operational and fail passive equipment.

FlyingStone 9th Apr 2022 20:51

The 737 has a list of required equipment in the limitations section of the AFM. Granted, not the most convenient location, but the list is there.

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