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Skycatch 18th Dec 2021 14:28

A different kind of wannabee
The window for my becoming a pilot has long since passed but I am a wanabee author working on a novel. I hate reading novels and saying "even I know that isn't correct" so I am trying to thoroughly research my writing. I don't want to be the first novel pummeled on Kelsy's 74Gear YouTube channel because I don't have my King Air and Bombardier -8 facts straight. I realize this isn't necessarily the correct forum for my first question but it bears on subsequent questions.

- If a commercial aircraft has a US registration can it be based in a French or Netherlands Caribbean island holding for more than a year or must it be re-registered on the island where based? If the aircraft must be re-registered for Caribbean basing can this be circumvented by rotating the aircraft back to the US for some period, say three months a year?
- Can the pilots use their US type rating to fly the aircraft out of the Caribbean island or do they need a EASA type rating? (I recognize the US doesn't require a type rating for the King Air 90/100/200 due to the MTOW but the rating is available.) What if the pilot is a US resident and does a half dozen two week Caribbean rotations a year?
- Does the same hold true for recurrent training?
- Can EASA type rated pilots fly US registered aircraft?
- Some US training center web sites state they do King Air training for the US Military. Does that mean retired military King Air pilots are type rated but may need recurrent training?
- If the aircraft base is relocated to Columbia, Panama or Grenada, in broad terms what happens to the registration and type requirements?

I realize this is a bit nit picky and involved but it bears on the central premise of the book. I will greatly appreciate anyone's input of these questions!


CW247 23rd Dec 2021 15:47

I would recommend you ask this in the BizJet forum where someone more clued up with these matters might be able to help you. Though my hunch is a moderator will move it back here for the sake of conformity over a genuine desire to help you (because that's how some of them roll!)

In case you don't get any help... I'll throw in a few lines.

The Caribbean islands and Central American countries generally align with the US (FAA). Having an N reg based there is not going to be a problem but make sure your story has rotations built in just to be sure. A pilot flying an N reg aircraft needs to have an FAA license. EASA pilots cannot fly N reg aircraft (there are some very special authorizations concerning delivery/ferry flights. An area I don't know much about).

All the best.

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