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hindubiceps 24th May 2020 01:06

research for the school
I have to do a survey / research at school and I want to link it to aviation. Would anyone have any interesting topics to offer?

compressor stall 26th May 2020 03:24

It would help if you said what subject you're doing....

nonsense 26th May 2020 11:20

The first thing to ask yourself whenever you are set an assignment at school or university is:
"What am I supposed to be demonstrating that I can do here?"

What does a successful assignment include?
So for example, if the subject is statistics and you're asked to survey something, you need something which will give you a bunch of numbers which suit whatever statistical formulae you've recently been taught. For example you might investigate the rate of flight delays for daytime passenger flights versus night time flights and see if there is a statistically significant difference.

If the subject is psychology or sociology and you're expected to demonstrate you can survey and summarise the attitudes of different groups of people, then you might choose to interview people about their willingness to fly (as passengers) in a world which now has Covid, compared to their past flying history.

Once you learn to think like a teacher and to figure out the guts of what they want you to do, school or university gets much easier as you can focus on learning what they are trying to teach you.

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