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RMC 31st Mar 2019 20:21

LIDO max shear value
Is there a maximum shear value for lido turbulence reporting. Previous threads suggest there is not an exact correlation between shear values and CAT categories but do not provide info on their origin. Just had moderate (genuine) turbulence in a shear area of 3 (although moderate was forecast on the SIG weather charts).

RMC 1st Apr 2019 10:15

Just found this link which indicates that a shear value is a knot change for each 1000’ ...so the maximum would be what Mother Nature could throw at you. Also suggests severe turbulence likely when wind on polar side exceeds 100 knots.


richardthethird 1st Apr 2019 10:22

Jepp used to have a max shear of 20, never did find a max value for lido.

B737900er 6th Apr 2019 10:34

I believe the max shear value for LIDO is also 20.

Rendy 27th Apr 2019 17:03

I have never seen more than 9. But that doesnít mean itís maximum. Anyway I havenít found this shear value very reliable. Sometimes itís 9 and you get nothing and sometimes itís 0 and you need belts to donít hit yourself with overhead panel :}

springbok449 27th Apr 2019 21:22

No max shear for LIDO unlike Jepps

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