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Bigmouth 25th Nov 2000 01:18

Aerobatics Instruction
Can anybody recommend good a.b. instructors in Europe or the U.S. ?

The Boy Lard 25th Nov 2000 02:05


This is going to be pretty vague but will point you in the right direction.
At "Wolverhampton Business Airport" aka Halfpenny Green near Birmingham flies a Russia gentleman named Ghenna (Christian name and may be spelt incorrectly) who I believe used to be in the Russian Airforce as a flying instructor on Yak 52s. Anyway this guy makes them dance, and I had the privilege of watching him do a low level routine (with the airfield temporarily closed for his show to some visiting VIP's)and it was truly breathtaking.
Anyway to cut a short story long(!)if you call Central Flight Training and speak to Cheryl she "May" be able to give you his number. Its 01384 221106
Sorry its so vague but worth a try.

Good luck


Flying is fun, not funny

DB6 25th Nov 2000 04:37

Alan Cassidy, British Aerobatic team member, flies from White Waltham. Instructed on a Pitts S-2A a couple of years ago, can't remember the name of the setup though, maybe Freestyle Aviation/Aerobatics ? Try a search on that.

TRIMTRABB 25th Nov 2000 14:27

Bigmouth, (why do I feel stange calling you that?)

I have a similar thread running at the moment and am in the same postion. I intend visiting the guys at Sywell and have also had Tatenhill suggested. A friend of mine has done about 24 hours with Ghenna (YAKMAN) and, although I could not personally recommend it from what he has told me it sounds exceptionally good, except..as you'd expect it's dearer than an Aerobat, By about 80 per hour i think. But then there's no radial stuck to the front of a C150! If you let me know your e-mail address I'll let you know what I find out....

Whoaaaa!!! It's dark and we've only got one engine!

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[This message has been edited by TRIMTRABB (edited 25 November 2000).]

FNG 28th Nov 2000 19:07

Two recommendations:

James Black on Cap 10b G-BECZ at Avia Special (White Waltham) tel 01707 262774.

Chris Thompson on Bulldog G-BPCL at Skysport(Elstree and North Weald) tel 020 8866 0562

(or on any other aerobatic public C of A aircraft you can get your hands on).

inverted flatspin 29th Nov 2000 11:25

Southern California, Very good Outfit.

Bigmouth 29th Nov 2000 18:42

Some years ago I did a few very excellent hours with Mr. Bud Iles in St. Augustine, FL. Anybody know if hes still around?

Rote 8 29th Nov 2000 20:47


If you want to get in touch with Genner (Gennady Elfimov),(Recommended above by The Boy Lard) you can get him on 01384 221031. He never actually flew in the Soviet Airforce apparently but ex Moscow Flying Circus and used to be one of Russias finest. There aint nothing that boy can't do with a 52. He also has a website you could take a look at www.skytrace.co.uk

The Boy Lard 29th Nov 2000 21:30

Rote 8,

Do you fly out of the Green?


Flying is fun, not funny

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