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ibrahim3 25th Feb 2011 18:34

High Level Sigwx Charts
Hiii All
Before Your Flight You Receive Sigwx Chart
World Area Forecast Center
Fixed Time Forecast Chart
Valid 00 Utc On 23.feb.2011

Is It Means Valid Until 00 Utc Or Valid From 00 Utc Until The Next Fixed Time ?

Actually Am Confused , I Had Alot Of Discussions About It And Each One Says To Me Different Answer ,so Please If Anyone Have An Answer From A Book And Can Clarify This Subject

Capt Claret 25th Feb 2011 22:14

The Australian AIP says such charts are valid for three hours either side of the stated validity time. So assuming that the same convention applies the world over, in the example you gave the chart would be valid for the period 2100 to 0300.

potkettleblack 25th Feb 2011 22:55

The UK AIP GEN section should have the answer in as much as if the UK met office follows international convention in preparing these charts or diverges for some reason.

Grasscarp 25th Feb 2011 23:54

Captain Claret had the correct information and then gave the wrong actual times for the chart in question. If the chart issue time is midnight then the validity period is 2100 to 0300. It is 3 hours either side of the issue time.
This is mentioned in the various countries AIP MET section. I have checked out quite a few round the world and they all seem to have the same thing on this.

ibrahim3 26th Feb 2011 09:29

thanks for your Reasonable answers :-)

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