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Bird strike V RTO

Old 7th Sep 2020, 15:37
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Bird strike V RTO

FCTM states what we stop for before 80kts and before v1.

what would you do for a multiple bird strike v1 - 10kts? Heard some including one doing so, stopping for a multiple bird strike. Maybe medium sized birds, size max of say a football in terms of wing width.

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Old 7th Sep 2020, 15:53
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The Crew decided to stop for this multiple birdstrike at V1 minus 1 knot. Airbus reckoned it could have got airborne and flown the circuit to land back. Im in agreement with the Crews decision.
EZY Birdstrike at MJV March 27th 2018
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Old 4th Oct 2020, 13:29
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Jet engines have been certified to cope with bird strikes. Maybe not huge birds like eagles or condors necessarily, but average feathered friends.

On the other hand,a max takeoff weight high speed abort near V1, regardless of the reason why, is a risk laden decision especially on a limiting wet or dry runway. So many things can go wrong and the most likely cause of a cocked up abort is the human factor aspect.
It's a roll of the dice but generally safer to continue the takeoff. Statistics have demonstrated that.
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Old 4th Oct 2020, 15:40
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If its a big 'bang', then your 'roll of the dice' would probably stop - HF, surprise / startle factor - ground loving humans. (But how big is 'big')

If the hazard is multiple birds, would this result in multiple strikes, don't know; more than one bang - then stop. One engine failed would be unfortunate; but two would be careless.

A problem with questions like this, is that the text defines the situation before hand. Reality is that you don't know; actions taken would be to manage the uncertainty of the circumstance, as best interpreted by you at the time - even if not as per a preplanned SOP.

Claimed 32 kills at rotation, where the downwash threw the birds back on to the runway; no bird strikes on the aircraft. On the other hand, one bird into a shared intake damaged both engines; my roll of the dice - Rolls Royce, never had one stop, but the two damaged ones sized when shutting down on the ramp.
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I had a multiple birdstrike at Milan just prior to V1. I decided to stop as it does not take many birds to fill up the intake of a Spey (it was a 11-1). However no damage occurred and we went on our way after few checks. Was I right, who knows?.
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Old 5th Oct 2020, 09:43
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That's why we're paid the big bucks.
My thoughts are if I know we have had multiple bird strikes AND I see stuff on the engine instruments I would do RTO even a bit past V1. How much past, judgement grasshopper.
A few decades back we took a gut full of sparrows in 2 engines of a B707 around V1 and flew a tight circuit. Very lucky, the engines were not doing well.
Our problem is, as always, that the experts will present to the court exactly what we should have done after considering it for weeks but we have seconds.
The only real question is did the pax walk away?
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