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lancer, well, what if you cant see them? ie. If you are waiting long and they are short?

Suffice to say that it looks like this is an ATC function, as a driver, you can verify (to some extent) and observe (again, to some extent), but in reality, isnt your focus on other things at this point in time?

Other questions, not directed at you, guidance shows that one should rotate before the leading ac has rotated. As far as rotating before the other ac rotated, does one rotate at a visual point, or at V1/Vr?
Hypothetically, if one sees the leading ac rotation point, and one passes that point before V1 is reached, what does one do? (ie. you knowingly set up a wake turbulence encounter?)

I see the guidance on this from the FAA and such, but in reality, it is not reality.
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Old 20th Mar 2017, 23:59   #22 (permalink)
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Did a heavey takeoff in a 747 out of Frankfurt a couple of years ago and heard the A320 behind us requesting two minutes separation. I can't remember the exact wording but he was definitely pressured by the controller into something less than what he wanted. It seemed like we were ,aybe 500 feet when he was getting his takeoff clearance.
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I totally agree with Lancer.

How many times, I've seen my colleague starting the chrono at lift off of the preceding ac. Then, waiting 2 min before to start rolling.
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