Coarse lanuage! Not for the under 16's or pilots of sensitive disposition!

Let me read the joke












There was a builder, an architect, a pilot and their dogs in a bar.

The builder says "My dog can do tricks can yours?"

"Yes" they all said. "Let's see your dog's trick then."

The builder then said "OK Bricky, up on the bar and set to it". The dog jumped up on the bar and built a brick wall.

"My dog can do better than that" said the architect.

The others said "Go on then."

"Come on Blueprint, do your stuff." The dog then jumped up onto the bar and drew a perfect set of plans for a 50 storey building.

"That's nothing" exclaimed the pilot. "Off you go Allowances."

The pilot's dog then jumped on the bar, drank all the drinks on it. Then it made a complete prat of itself and fucked the other two dogs stupid."