Fred goes for a job with the CAA.

CAA man:- Thank you for coming to the interview Fred, now I just got a few questions I'd like to ask you. Have You ever been in any of the armed forces?

Fred:- Yes, I was in the RAF.

CAA man:- Oh good, you see we like ex-forces types in the CAA. Now did you ever see any action whilst in the RAF?

Fred:- Oh yes, I was a Falklands pilot.

CAA man:- Oh very good, you see we like chaps that know how to handle themselves when the pressures on. Now Fred, were you wounded at all?

Fred:- Oh yes, I was wounded!

CAA man:- OK Fred, well I can tell you now that you sound just the chap for a job with the CAA, let me tell you more about it. You start at 9:45 then work through till 10:30 when you get a half an hour tea break. You then work quite a long stint from 11:00 through until 12:30 when we stop for a 2 hour lunch break in our excellent subsidised restaurant. We restart at 14:30 and work until 15:00 when we have another well earned half an hour tea break. We then press on from 15:30 until 16:00 during which we clear our desks ready for work the next day. And finally, on Fridays we only work a half day, and all go home at 12:30.

Now Fred do you think you could fit in with a tough and demanding schedule like this?

Fred:- Oh yes, I'm sure I could fit in.

CAA man:- OK then Fred we'll see you at 9:45 next Monday.

Fred gets up and begins to leave the room whence the interviewer notices that Fred seems to be a fully able person (i.e. no war wounds).

CAA man:- Excuse me Fred but you did say that you had been wounded but it seems to me that you're actually very able bodied. Could I inquire as to the nature of your wound?

Fred:- Well it's a bit embarrassing really. You see I was on a bombing run at FL370 when some bugger on the ground got lucky with a rifle and shot my balls off!

CAA man:- OK then Fred, in that case you can start work at 10:30.

Fred:- Oh no, I don't want any special treatment because I've been injured.

CAA man:- Oh no Fred, I'm afraid that you don't understand. All we do in the CAA between 9:45 and 10:30 is stand around and scratch our balls!