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Paulscho 25th Apr 2003 18:25

Performance Help Desperately Needed
I need help desperately with performance. I have 13 out of 14 with one sitting left. Anyone got any feedback or any ideas on how I can nail this subject???

TurboJ 25th Apr 2003 18:34

Isn't there a book, 1000 questions on A/C Performance...can be bought from any of the decent pilot shops...


FougaMagister 25th Apr 2003 20:29

Yes, Paul, TurboJ's right - it's called "Question Bank & Practice Exams for the JAA CPL & ATPL - 1000 Q&A".
It's available from the main pilot shops - I just checked out Pilot Warehouse (www.pilotwarehouse.co.uk) and they sell it for 35.00 + P&P. Delivery within 2-3 days.
Tel. 01442 851 087
I guess you've got all the relevant Oxford/Jeppesen manuals and feedback.
Congratulations on getting all the other ticks in the boxes!
Gimme a call one of these days (since you don't check your PM).

Ze Frenchman.

Paulscho 25th Apr 2003 23:00

thanks TurboJ, have ordered the book this morning, hope this does the trick!!

carbonfibre 25th Apr 2003 23:04

I have a number from an instructor at Oxford who does private lessons, did 3 hours with him and everything fell into place well worth the money, makes it so easy to understand. I was having the same problem but managed it on my 2nd sitting as i didnt want to risk it

If you want his Number send me a private message and i will send you. My advice is speak to him at least very switched on

Hope this maybe some help

Good luck in whatever you do:ok:

monkeyboy 25th Apr 2003 23:04

Paulscho, have you considered one of the Oxford crammer days with Chris Perry, the superb South African chap?

This guy knows Perf to the tenth degree and has a very good way of explaining those god-awful concepts with some rather neat drawings.

Highly recommended!

Good luck with your last sitting, you'll do it!


cathyroos 26th Apr 2003 07:37

Another endorsement for the one-day crammer at Oxford. Chris Perry really does know his stuff and is excellent at de-mystifying the 'Perf-Thing'. Certainly helped me and it's surely worth the effort if you have them all hanging on this one!!

Paulscho 26th Apr 2003 17:51

Oxford it will be!! Will spend 2-3 weeks serious study then go down and try and get a day with Chris Perry or Steve Francis who is another excellent South African instructor for Perf and Met.
Thanks everyone!!!

DodgeG 29th Apr 2003 19:15

Stick at it Paul... You've come along way !

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