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Alex Whittingham 2nd May 2021 21:43

Skyborne and Flight Safety?
News reports that Skyborne has bought Flight Safety International's facility at Vero Beach, but there is some uncertainty whether it has been purchased by Skyborne the company or one of its directors. Either way it is a big purchase, 100 instructors, 26 seminoles, 47 cadets, 13 arrows, 11 senecas and 3 zlins on a 10 acre site. Brave.

spitfirejock 12th May 2021 00:45

Whatever the facts of the acquisition might be, its a clear message, IMHO, that training in Florida will once again be very significant and a great choice for students seeking either UK or EASA licenses and ratings whether at PPL or CPL level.

Brave, maybe, but ahead of the competition, the question now is, will they be able to recruit the expertise necessary to make it a success with the many obstacles in obtaining work visas for key staff?

My guess, they have sufficient backing to make it a success but I hope they offer Modular as well as the much more expensive Integrated options which will help newbies afford the training and aspire to their dreams.

Booglebox 18th May 2021 18:12

Certainly makes for a short delivery time for new Pipers from the factory!

spitfirejock 25th May 2021 02:43

Yes but $350,000+ for a new PA28 the price of training can only go one way....UP!!

Sadly, good, used training aircraft are few and far between so schools are going to have to dig deep into their pockets to afford new aircraft. I was shocked to see the new battery powered SE aircraft (with about a 1.7 hour endurance) costs well over $500,000, that's going to challenge even the biggest most well funded schools and I wonder what they are going to have to charge?

flybyschool 25th May 2021 13:55

Fully agree with you

On the new electric airplanes available right now (or soon to be fully certified I should say for one of them), one has an endurance of 50 min and costs more than petrol competitors, and the other one is way more expensive and still, under 2 hours endurance...

I believe technology will develop rapidly in the coming years but still not yet certain that 100% electric is the way forward. Maybe Hydrogen (I like the prototype that was being developed in the UK but unfortunately crashed landed a month ago without injuries to the crew, I believe)

A balance must be found so training costs do not increase significantly... and the market always finds it!
Only the bold and efficient will prevail

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