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pedropave87 13th Apr 2021 18:23

fly by spain , burgos
Hello everyone, any opinion about this school in Spain ?

Thank you!

gerpols 14th Apr 2021 13:49

Skies Aviation Academy in Greece is much better !!:ok:

Banana Joe 14th Apr 2021 14:24

You should at least try to motivate your opinion when you discard an organisation like that. I've seen FlyBy owners posting on this forum, at least they interact.

janrein 14th Apr 2021 16:03

Good professionals working there and never heard a bad word about Fly-By, which makes them stand out.

Note that PPRuNe has a search function, as always allow for some variations in spelling by posters, Fly-By, Flyby, Flybyschool (Flybai?)

flybyschool 19th Apr 2021 17:47

Yes, we are here on PPRuNe... but this is not to promote ourselves
We have many students posting on Facebook or Instagram as well

and yes, we are FLYBAI, FLYBY or FLYBYSCHOOL

skygeek 20th Apr 2021 09:27

What is really encouraging is the above ^^^. You have FlyBy school staff actively participating here, being genuinely helpful and not just promoting themselves. If you know how flying schools go, you can probably count on one hand the number of schools who are not shy of such non-scripted public interactions. That on its own gets them a very solid +1 in my book. Btw, I have no affiliation with FlyBy, never visited them in person.

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