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Chris_767 6th Apr 2021 14:25

Which flight schools use large international airports for training?
Hi Guys,

As part of my ATPL training, I have to write a thesis/report about flight schools that operate at large international airports and the challenges and benefits for them. I've already come up with some examples (like EFA in Bremen), but I'd like to ask if you could suggest me some ideas. I'm mostly interested in European locations, but USA/Worldwide is also welcome!

Thanks for your help!

Genghis the Engineer 6th Apr 2021 19:56

Loads at LAX.

A few at Glasgow and Prestwick.

Smaller but still international airports - Bournemouth and Exeter.

rudestuff 6th Apr 2021 20:53

ATPL thesis... This is a joke right? 🤔

Genghis the Engineer 6th Apr 2021 21:57

Guessing a combined fATPL TK / degree course? They exist around the world.

Ascend Charlie 7th Apr 2021 06:08

Sydney / Kingsford Smith airport used to allow training. Our company even had a helicopter school on the field, and we would send solo students out on nav trips, they even found their way back.

Then the second north-south runway arrived, and then there was a passage in the ERS saying "NO TRAINING PERMITTED". Lucky we had moved out before that.

Skinfaxi 8th Apr 2021 10:06

Iceland Aviation Academy operates from Keflavík International Airport.

flybyschool 8th Apr 2021 20:10

It is impossible to run efficiently a large flight school in a busy international airport!!!

think of the touch and goes, the speed on the circuit...

We operated at Bilbao airport before moving to quieter ones in Leon and now Burgos. I would not go back no matter what they offer us

lee_apromise 9th Apr 2021 03:58

RKSS used to have many flight schools but the government kicked them out due to traffic management.

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