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Officer Kite 16th Dec 2020 15:55

SEP A Examiner Renewal
I hold an IAA Frozen ATPL license with an SEP A rating that is about to expire. Can I get this renewed with any EASA SEP examiner or must they hold an IAA license?

The Terminator 17th Dec 2020 10:10

Where did you get your license?
How to revalidate your ratings is part of the training that you should have received.
Your license should be non expiring.
If your ratings have not yet expired revalidate.
If expired renew.
Re validation can be done with an instructor but the instructor needs certain privileges to sign it.
And yes can be done with any EASA examiner, but the IAA needs to be notified before hand.

This is part-FCL knowing whats inside it is a really basic requirement to being a professional.

awair 17th Dec 2020 11:51

If you hold other current class/types, it is possible for just a sign-off from an Examiner, if you have completed 12 hours in Class. FCL.740.A(b)(1)(ii).

Not sure if this has to be an FE, or any EASA TRE?

Officer Kite 17th Dec 2020 14:59

The Terminator

I didn't say my license was going to expire, I said my SEP A rating was, I also said 'renew' not 'revalidate' because I am in such a position that there is no time left to revalidate this side of expiry so it will be a renewal. No need for the soapbox. Anyhow, thank you and thanks also to awair for your input.

Flyfede80 18th Dec 2020 07:33

Yes...you can perform the PC for the revalidation/renewal of the CR SEP in any EASA country with an EASA CRE...just to be aligned with the EASA and IAA examiner procedures...no problems at all.

Officer Kite 19th Dec 2020 22:40


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