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limaindia 16th Jun 2020 20:29

CRP5 Issues
I know it has been asked before, but not recently it seems. I have a Pooleys CRP-5 on which the slide rule (wind) part is really stiff. Unscrewing the screws doesnít make a difference, and also I find that the Wind calcs and some other numbers it produces are always slightly different to the correct answers (and I am using it correctly). Question is, can I use the Transair equivalent with the Wind Arm in the CAA/EASA ATPL exams these days, should I try another type (that can be used in the exams) or just accept what I have and the shoddy results it produces? Thanks in anticipation.

Genghis the Engineer 16th Jun 2020 21:49

I used an AVIAT 617 for my writtens, and passed them all first time. The odd real bastard question, I drew an A4 sized triangle of velocities on the exam paper!

Nobody at CAA or EASA cares which specific form of Flight Computer you take into the exams. It is *assumed* that the CRP-5 is what was used for setting the exams, but I suspect that may just be rumour anyhow.

The AFE flight computer is a nice piece of kit, I've never heard any complaints. There are also various American variations, usually called E6B.

paco 17th Jun 2020 05:16

As a slide computer the AFE ARC 2 is much better value for money, better made, etc. We recommend the Jeppesen CR-3 which is a circular one.

Duchess_Driver 17th Jun 2020 07:05

Try the smallest of small amount of talcum powder to lubricate the wheel. Be careful though, as any more than the bare minimum and youíll be finding white stuff everywhere for years.

I would think that any make that can handle compressibility should be OK - if thatís still part of the syllabus.

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