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Luketaly 9th Apr 2020 16:27

Change of school after integrated ATPL theory.
Hi everyone! Iím Luke and I really hope that someone with more informations and experience could help me.
I am attending a 0-ATPL integrated course in Greece, but I am not satisfied with my current school.

My plan is to finish the theoretical classes and give exams in Greece, as I have already paid for it, then continue with everything else in another school. My contract allows me to interrupt my collaboration with my current school at any time.

Any advices on schools which do an integrated course for which I could transfer to just to do the practical part of my license? Thank you all so much.

Alex Whittingham 9th Apr 2020 22:41

Starting with Appendix 3 to Annex 1 to Part.FCL for the benefit of others "An applicant wishing to transfer to another ATO during a training course shall apply to the competent authority for a formal assessment of the further hours of training required." However in your case as you have done no flight training yet it shouldn't be a big issue, you obv won't get any hours credits. If you want to stay in Greece the best three are regarded as Global Aviation, Egnatia, and Superior Air. I know the first two quite well, Superior Air less so, however it seems likely that one of these is likely to be your current ATO so I'm not entirely sure how to advise you. If you want to go outside Greece where do you want to go? Would you consider modular training?

Luketaly 10th Apr 2020 04:14

I was thinking to continue possibly in another country. Maybe Spain or Hungary. I would prefer to continue with an integrated since I already started in such manner. Do you advice any schools?

Coli 10th Apr 2020 10:05

Hi Luke, I see that you are from Italy, I changed school too when was in training (ATPL Integrated) and I had a great time at Professione Volare in Italy. Great team, very reliable and fast. Good Luck!

flybyschool 14th Apr 2020 15:43

Hi Luke

I can confirm that the change of ATO for integrated training is possible and can be done. We have done it quite a few times ourselves.
It is way easier if you do it without any flight hours!!!
If you have flown some hours, you can still do it bu then the recipient ATO must check each and every flight from your previous ATO and compare it with his Integrated training... What could happen? that some of your flights cannot be credited...
So moving when there are no flights completed it is much straightforward.
The way we do it, is we would make a recommendation to our Spanish CAA (AESA) asking for approval of our suggested training in order to complete your integrated training. Just a last comment... note that the MCC is part of the integrated training... so you must complete it with the school you choose (We are aware of some authorities not checking this thoroughly but this is the regulation)

In theory, there are no credits moving from Integrated to Modular... I know it is hard to believe but it is like that. If you wanted to do that, you would need to consult with each specific ATO because the way the same EASA rules are implemented in each country are not quite the same.

All in all, I think we have between 10 and 20 students that had moved from other Integrated schools...

Quentin Juillet 9th Jul 2020 11:59

Hi Flybyschool,

Thanks for your input on this. I was actually looking for info regarding the switch towards another ATO during an ATPL integrated course.
Would it be complicated however, assuming that you've completed entirely the first flying phases in a school, to move to another one? Let's say for example just to finish with the MCC somewhere else?

flybyschool 23rd Jul 2020 15:19

[QUOTE=Quentin Juillet;10832898]Hi Flybyschool,

You can indeed change to another INTEGRATED training program from another ATO that had the MCC you may be looking for... but you just cannot go to any MCC provider without the approval from your current Integrated training ATO...
I know it is confusing but I will try to explain it...

Integrated training includes the MCC... so all must be completed under the umbrella of an ATO approved for that training. The MCC is one part of the training that this ATO is allowed to subcontract... but it will be under his responsibility.
If you were thinking on doing the MCC on a specific provider... this one must be incorporated in the manuals of the ATO where you were conducting the integrated training...

I can tell you that we do not allow that because of the hassle for us to work to oversight an MCC provider. We have our own sims (A320 fixed base) to conduct our APS MCC... and we also have one agreement with another ATO (just in case)...

So, a short answer would be:
If you are doing an integrated program, you may go to another integrated ATO... but you cannot decide to take a portion of he training (for instance the MCC) and complete it somewhere else

Hope it helps...

Quentin Juillet 23rd Jul 2020 17:37

Thanks a lot for your thorough reply. It makes perfect sense and answers exactly my question.

parkfell 23rd Jul 2020 19:40

It is possible that an ATO has flexible programs whereby the MCC options include the minimum MCC course of 4 exercises (16 hours) for integrated course, up to the APS course of say 10 exercises.

So if an ATO offers A320, and you are looking at B737 type course ultimately (Ryanair?) then you could complete the minimum MCC before attending a stand alone APS B.737 course.

So as far as a sponsored airline student needs anything from the minimum 4 exercises up to 11 exercises depending upon the wishes of the airline.

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