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Pinuz89 3rd Mar 2020 09:51

PBN validation before August 2020
Dear Sirs

I have a question regarding the PBN requirement which should be validated before 25th August 2020, in order to continue flying IR.
I didn't do PBN during my training, because it wasn't requested at that time.
On the top of that I have a current type rating on the A320.
Considering that I've got a "Type Specific" IR (A320 MP IR), if I want to attend a PBN course, and so being able to fly RNP procedures on the Airbus, shall I do the PBN course "On type" (and so in a A320 sim), or can I do it on a generic sim, like most of the flight training schools do ?

Because I checked on the web, but every facility which offers this course, uses, for example, the classic FNTP II, or similar.
I'm not sure if it could be recognised valid "on type".

I appreciate any suggestion !
Thank you

Scagrams 3rd Mar 2020 19:52

The company you fly the A320 for will make you do the PBN for that type.

TheEdge 4th Mar 2020 07:16

Originally Posted by Scagrams (Post 10701809)
The company you fly the A320 for will make you do the PBN for that type.

I dont think he works actually for any company, it looks like he has only the TR

P40Warhawk 4th Mar 2020 12:12

Same boat here. B737 pilot. I also need to get my PBN in my license for my 737. You can actually combine it with your OPC or LPC. We as MPA Pilots do not need to do an extra training session but we do need to do skilltest with few approaches in Sim.

I almost made mistake to do it on C172, which then will be utterly useless of course for my 737.
So dont do it on SEP MEP FNPT or actual aircraft, but try to combine it with your OPC or LPC.

Most 320 sims should be certified to do PBN. Also make sure you have had your Theoretical training for PBN. For instance my company provides via an CBT which my CAA recognizes.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Pinuz89 4th Mar 2020 15:44

Here, in the company I'm flying for, they don't need PBN, and I'm probably changing in the next 3 months.
So the will be my task to provide for.
Thanks P40Warhawk for the suggestion, I will do it in the sim together with the OPC.

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