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Armaan 25th Nov 2019 17:58

HI everyone,
I'm going to be starting groundschool with L3 Harris very soon and was curious about how everyone revised/revises for their ATPL exams.
Ive heard that question banks are going to be very useful so I will definitely use them. (Are there any you guys recommend).
Also I was wondering whether to cover the content in the ATPL books before looking at the question banks as i'm not sure whether or not you can use the question bank for sub topics and specific questions, or would you guys recommend covering the content with my lecturer, at home and using the question bank at the same time. Please let me know what you guys recommend.
I also don't want to be taking notes for the sake of it, so how will i know if the information in my book is worth noting down. I don't know if i'm overthinking or not but i am slightly anxious heading in to my ATPL course.

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