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Flyer350 9th Nov 2019 18:19

Tayside Aviation closes on Saturday
Hello all,

After hearing the news Tayside Aviation is closing on Saturdays UFN can anybody confirm the rumours of the company being in financial trouble? Posted below is their post on social media but there seems no explanation as to WHY?

Tayside Aviation availability at Dundee -

TA will not be operating any flying training flights or private hire flights at Dundee from Saturday 9th November and thereafter every Saturday until further notice. (Possibly until the end of Feb 2020).

This does NOT affect training and hire at Fife. However, no flights using TA aircraft will be allowed to fly from Fife into Dundee Airport.

Tayside Aviation apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

Seems rather odd such a big flight school is closing on a weekend especially when this is prime time for people who work during the week.

paco 10th Nov 2019 11:53

Maybe the airport authorities have something to do with it. It wouldn't be the first time.

geardown1 11th Nov 2019 11:12

Perth is only over the road, gets far better reviews and is open everyday.

Flyguy199 11th Nov 2019 15:24

I have to say Iím pretty sure it wonít be long before theyíre closing doors completely given the way things are going.

I have friends who did their PPL same time as me at that school who only have bad things to say.

Amedjet 11th Nov 2019 21:32

I know several students who are worried about their training, they are currently looking at different options to complete their training!

Worrying times!

OrbitalFracture 11th Nov 2019 21:52

Itís not surprising with the improvements at Perth in recent years, TA have been left behind and their now knocking on deaths door.

Chester Copperpot 11th Nov 2019 22:22

An old colleague of mine said he went to Tayside for a degree course but didnít have many positive things to say about it. Seems a shame really. Yes Perth is supposed to be excellent

pilot in command 11th Nov 2019 22:41

It truly saddens me to see the demise in what was once such a reputable flight school. Having spent many enjoyable hours flying to and from Dundee and training at Tayside Aviation it is upsetting for me to see standards and quality plummet. The fact the school is now closed on Saturdays along with increased prices in short succession and the redevelopment and popularity of the flight school along the road, really does make me question the sustainability of the school. I do hope that I am wrong but I can only see this going one way.

PurpleDash 12th Nov 2019 13:12

The airport currently closes at 16:00 on a Saturday even though the last Stansted flight arrives hours earlier. I believe HIAL were trying to get Tayside to pay extra in order to remain open as the sole users in the absense of commercial traffic. The MD of Tayside clearly threw his toys out the pram and decided no flying on Saturdays. I know airport operators can charge extortionate prices, but surely it would have been more wise to pay up, remain open on one of the busiest days of the week and not take the reputation hit?

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