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airdem23 7th Feb 2019 21:28

FlyTeam vs Rivair(Rózsavölgyi Air) HUNGARY
Hi everyone,

I am planning to start training this summer in Hungary. I have found two schools which are FlyTeam vs Rivair (Rózsavölgyi Air/ agnoaero) in Szeged, Hungary. But couldn't find any comment about both. Is there anyone can say something about these schools. Also, I am open to other school suggestions. (btw Price is veeeeery important for me :) )

kpka 18th Feb 2019 21:58

Short but useful advice for you: Avoid both.

LaGuardia 19th Feb 2019 11:32

Hi! Can we know why?

tsvpilot 19th Feb 2019 13:28

Both schools are known to be inconsistent and that is why they can offer training at low cost. This also means that there are students with both, very good as well as bad experiences. The experience depends on several factors and can be down to pure luck. Ultimately be prepared that the training may take a lot longer than expected, that you need to be highly motivated self-starter, figure things out on your own and to keep pushing your training to go forward. You get what you pay for.

nord121 19th Feb 2019 15:47

Rivair is currently under investigation and has changed there name if you ask the Hungarian CAA for a list of the approved ATO Rivair ain’t on it.

I had a great experience at fly team and got my PPL in 28 days with the advertised cost plus exam fees.

But thats down down to the instructor I had and the fact we worked together to fly the maximum amount of time whenever the weather was good. It’s pot luck now as he has gone off to the Airlines. All together the training I received was excellent (I think) quick and cheap. This was just my experience though.

airdem23 24th Feb 2019 11:18

I have checked the Hungarian ATO list. There is Agro Aero 2000 instead of Rivair. Rivair send their price offer with name Rivair&Agro Aero 2000. You guys can you suggest more reliable school at similar prices? (I know the price will be more expensive, these two school is the cheapest that I found at all Europe)

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