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Gurpreet_ 27th Aug 2018 19:19

Cadet Programs
Hello all,

I am living in the UK and am starting my last year of 6th form. I would be finishing my exams this time next year and am highly anticipating starting in a flight school to start building towards my dream career. As of right now I am thinking of applying for the Integrated ATPL program offered by L3 Airline Academy however, I would very much like to apply and attempt to get on to an airline backed pilot cadet program. I was wondering if anyone on this website would happen to know if any cadet programs of this type would be opening within the next 12 months.

(N.B I was originally going to apply for the EasyJet MPL program however applications are currently closed and L3 wont respond to my email regarding the re-opening of it. Would someone have anymore info on this?)


I appreciate your help

-Gurpreet. S

Nurse2Pilot 27th Aug 2018 23:22

I would wager to say that people won't know when anything will be open until it is actually open. Unless you have contacts within the biz who can give you a heads up prior to a public announcement?

Gurpreet_ 28th Aug 2018 08:17

Unfortunately I don't know anyone on the inside so I thought it may be worth a shot posting here.

Thanks for your reply :)


EGPF 28th Aug 2018 08:55

I've been following the easyJet program for a very long time now and I have a very good feeling that the program will re open very soon. Evidence which indicates this is that the line "this program is temporarily closed" is removed, they've then replaced that line with a email sign up form for news on the program and they've changed the routes to flight deck (no route 2 anymore - easyJet MPL upgrade).

thisishomebrand 28th Aug 2018 08:59

CAE are regularly publicising that their own easyJet program is reopening soon so I would expect that L3 will not be far behind.

TheEdge 28th Aug 2018 11:26

hi, also have a look at BAA, CAE and FTE, they always have some cadet program ongoing.

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