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teemosssss 15th Aug 2017 17:41

CASA PPL Theory Exam Questions =(
Hey I'm new to this forum and I'm not really sure this is the right thread to discuss about my exams. Anyways, unfortunately I failed my PPL theory exams few days ago and got 66%. It was my second attempt and I have heaps of unsolved questions to ask y'all.

Here's some of the questions I got, so if you guys know the answer please help me out =)

1. GNSS device requires how many satellites for 2D position and how many for 3D position?
-I'm certain that 4 satellites for 3D but not sure for 2D though

2. If climbing after take off to A085 when should you change from local QNH to Area QNH?
a. when climbing through 5000
b. when climbing through 3000
c. at 1000 above the departure aerodrome
d. just before top of climb

3. One effect of a lower stalling speed on the landing performance of an aircraft is to?
a. permit a lower minimum approach speed
b. produce a steeper approach path

4. For a given power setting, which of the following statements is true with regard to the mixture control adjustment?
a. highest airspeed is attained with full rich setting
b. highest airspeed is attained with best power setting
c. mixture does not affect speed, only EGT
d. with peak EGT settings

5. Which of the following conditions would give the best indication of an abnormally low oil level?
(high/low) oil temperature, (high/low) oil pressure

6. An unusually high CHT in the cruise would cause?
a. increase manifold pressure
b. detonation/pre-ignition
c. excessively lean mixture

7. Which of the following mixture control settings would give the greatest power fir a given cruise manifold pressure/RPM carburettor?
a. maximum EGT
b. between full rich and maximum EGT
c. full rich position
d. slightly learner than the maximum EGT

8. An aircraft take off with its static vents blocked during climb, the airspeed indicator would show?
a. a lower than actual IAS
b. higher than actual IAS
c. the correct IAS
d. 0

9. Main cause of sensory illusions experienced during flight without outside visual reference?
a. accelerative motions of aircraft
b. flight at abnormal pitch/bank attitude
c. adapting an incorrect seating posture

10. In the threat and error management model, evaluating and modifying plans on the flight proceeds are considered to be?
a. planning countermeasures
b. systemic-based countermeasures
c. review countermeasures
d. execution countermeasures

ersa 15th Aug 2017 22:00

teemosssss, sorry to hear about the failure , the PPL has a very high failure rate.

I don't know if anyone has recommended it, but sit the CPL exams and not the PPL.

They are valid for the PPL as well.

Rather than listing questions , can you load up your KDR's remove any personal detail, you may get more help where you are lacking in knowledge

paco 16th Aug 2017 07:29

These are fairly basic questions - who did your training?

CharlieLima 23rd Sep 2018 01:14

Originally Posted by ersa (Post 9863003)
I don't know if anyone has recommended it, but sit the CPL exams and not the PPL.

They are valid for the PPL as well.

Hi Ersa, can you point me in the right direction for this, where I can do CPL theory exams in place of my PPL, most places I've looked at including bristol ground school afaik require full PPL licence before continuing any of the CPL ATPL stuff. Which would have required the PPL theory test. Is this contingent upon geohraphic criteria, i.e outside of europe. If not if you point me towards a particular school I'd be very interested in doing it this way. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

dook 23rd Sep 2018 10:59

I echo what paco has said above.

I spent many years teaching this stuff to ppl students (in addition to ATPL). Failures at ppl level were rare.

paco 24th Sep 2018 07:06

The only way you can do EASA training without a PPL is on an integrated course. Otherwise, modular training requires an ICAO PPL before you can start.


ersa 24th Sep 2018 09:08

In OZ, you can do the CPL exams instead of the PPL exam ....Not available in the dictatorship EU

paco 24th Sep 2018 13:53

The poster mentioned BGS, so I assumed he was thinking in terms of EASA.

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