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Beltstrappedin 25th Jun 2017 18:53

Diamond Flight Academy
Anyone any recent feedback on this place? Is it easier or not as good than a UK course?

Its all Garmin 1000, whats best way to learn the G1000? Any good websites?


RedBullGaveMeWings 25th Jun 2017 22:58

There should be a G1000 simulator on Garmin's website but I don't know if it is payware.

Martin_123 26th Jun 2017 11:53

the feedback is still excellent, I know a guy who just finished the course, very happy with everything. They really seem to do a good package, no hidden fees. He got to fly a lot to nearby countries too. The only downside is they have a massive waiting list. Last time I called, I was told they no longer take bookings, because they are booked full til January 2018.. They plan to hire another FI which should help the situation. For now, all they were able to do is to put me on a reserve list in case someone drops out.

As to your question is it easier - one would think that the EASA standards are the same, although I have heard some rumors about CPL holders returning from their training in Southern Europe not being able to fly basic IR approach.. I don't think that's what you want?

No one is expected to arrive at the course knowing the G1000, it's not rocket science anyway - your instructor will tell you what you need to know and that will be that..

THE FLYING MONKEY 11th Jul 2017 22:31

I was hoping to do my training at DFA but it's so hard to get a place and communication with them isn't the easiest. It's a shame as people's experiences seem positive but it looks like I will have to go somewhere else due to lack of availability.

Good luck

78Whiskey 12th Jul 2017 01:37

Highly recommend the place. Had no G1000 experience going in and wasn't an issue at all - extremely easy piece of kit to learn and get used to. You'll have plenty of hours flying and in the spare seat in the sim to mess around with while the other person is flying. They also give out iPads with a G1000 simulator on them if you need extra help.

Flew to a couple of different destinations and planned to fly to more but cancelled due to weather.

Instructors are brilliant, aircraft is fantastic to fly and accommodation is very good.

Get your name in early as places are booked up till Feb '18 - which is a fairly decent sign that the place is well known and highly recommended within the training industry.

Numerous previous students got jobs recently within a couple of weeks and a few more have upcoming interviews.

EDIT: Out of 15-16 people i have met there, 12 of us so far got jobs - including myself. Finished 5 months ago.

Fantastic place, highly recommend it.

MaverickPrime 21st Jan 2018 13:41

What is the latest feedback on DFA? Is there still a long waiting list?


MaverickPrime 22nd Jan 2018 09:39

Anybody? It’s funny that it’s so hard to get feedback on a supposedly very busy school.....

lric44 22nd Jan 2018 10:10

Hi MaverickPrime. I finished my training at DFA some month ago. I am very happy with the training : we finished on time despite bad weather and the training syllabus is really great. I highly recommend as well :)

I do not know how many people are on the waiting list at the moment. The school is very popular. Courses are probably full up to june or july but if you really consider the school do not hesitate to contact the school and ask to be put on the waiting list for any start dates as the list moves a lot... I was myself on the waiting list as well as others students.

MaverickPrime 22nd Jan 2018 22:22

Thanks for the info! I rang today and they will forward me an application form. They seem to be very busy from what they were saying, it could be difficult securing a place at the school, but I think that is a good sign!

THE FLYING MONKEY 28th Jan 2018 17:32

Iím starting in Feb, after waiting quite a while.

If anybody wants feed back then get in touch in a few months and Iíll let you know.

The only negative so far is that they donít have any sort of pa or secretary, so it can be really hard to get hold of the head of training and it can take ages for him to get back to you, which almost made me want to go somewhere else if it wasnít for the recommendation from a few friends.

Good luck

Sameer Aryan 28th Jan 2018 23:28

Hi Maverick,

I recently finished my training with DFAS. And I highly recommend you this place. I know the waiting time can be frustrating but believe me its worth it.

It is actually one of the best training schools available in Europe. All the instructors are very friendly, very professional and easily approachable. You can ask the same thing again n again if you dont understand and they will explain you as many times without any hesitation. They are very experienced and they know how to teach students but above that they are good people to learn from.

The accommodation is very beautiful and pleasant. and DA42 aircrafts are new and well maintained.

Also many schools dont care once you finished your training with them. But this people believe in maintaining relations with each n every student, which I am really happy about. After you leave if you have any problems with your licensing authorities (which normally is the case in UK and France) they will sort every thing out for you guys so that you can get your license asap.

Honestly you havent made any wrong choice by choosing them. So dont worry about the wait. Go for your training with peace of mind and best of luck for your training and have a good time in kalmar.

Hope that answer your query!

MaverickPrime 29th Jan 2018 15:23

Thanks for the info! :ok:

LIFFY4E 24th Feb 2018 22:22

Does anyone know the current wait times on the CPL/ME-IR in DFAS?

I am looking to put a deposit on a course in either Jan/Feb 2019 but am having quite some difficulty making contact with the school via phone and email - it's a pity as I have heard great reviews from friends currently working in airlines not long after training with them.

Airgus 25th Feb 2018 12:44

Plenty of schools are filling up their slots and becoming very busy... not only DFA.

Almost everyone finishing this year from different schools is getting a job in airlines, I would rather move forward than wait 12 month to start the course.
Aviation is on the good cycle this year. Who knows what will happen in 2019/2020.

Regarding the school I heard good comments too.
Regarding the DA42 is a great aircraft to fly and super easy to learn.

G1000 is a great tool and easy to use, however you need to invest time in order to know every single details/function in order to be ahead of the game. Once you know everything it is super easy.
Suggestions, get iPad applications/simulators, read the G1000 manual and also if you fly a lot while building hours, try the Garmin Pilot application for iPad which it would start showing you the Garmin concept/way so you get more familiar with "their language".

Flying any aircraft with G430/530 or even G5 plus iPad Garmin Pilot will be a good way to practice. Learn every knob, function and button, the G1000 is similar concept.

Dariuspilot 4th Mar 2018 12:02

How long for a waiting list
Hey 78Whiskey how long did you wait on the wait list for start the courses ? I contact the director he told me that he will send me an application form at the end of the day 4 days ago and still nothing ..
Someone can help me please ?

krisss 5th Mar 2018 09:31

I had a hard time contacting DFA, but once I did they were very helpful. I believe the next available course start is this summer in July.

Dariuspilot 5th Mar 2018 14:27

Thank you for your answer ! The owner told me July also, so I'm just waiting the application form now !

edognutti 10th Jun 2018 08:49

best place where u can traing for CPL and IR.
The sim is the same as the aircraft, 3 DA42 always well mantained and super equipped. Briefing room in the same building of your accomodation 500 mt from the airport and the owner is super honest and correct. Highly reccomended!!!

Amidoo 10th Jun 2018 09:43

How long did it take you guys to get a hold of them ? I've sent an e-mail about a month and half ago and another one two weeks ago but still nothing, no luck via phone either.

Sameer Aryan 10th Jun 2018 11:10

Originally Posted by Amidoo (Post 10169501)
How long did it take you guys to get a hold of them ? I've sent an e-mail about a month and half ago and another one two weeks ago but still nothing, no luck via phone either.

Hey Guys,

I am an ex-student of DFAS. And I am still in touch with the school. Any of you guys who cant get hold of admin at DFAS, pls send me your full name and email address. I will request them to reply your queries. You can PM me your details. Hope may be that will help to expedite.


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